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Reed's new game room(s)

Reed Rothchild

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Editorials Team · Posted

So as some of you know from my blathering in Survivor, we chose the middle of a pandemic to buy and sell a house.  Because we're insane like that.

But that means I finally have a place for all my shit

Room 1: Floor to ceiling games/movies/books

Stage 1: Lug 40 boxes of shit over here

(yes, those are old theater seats the previous owners bolted in)



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Editorials Team · Posted

We've been focusing on "important" stuff, like painting and flooring.  But on the side I've been mocking up ideas.  I'm thinking custom poplar shelves, with the top levels holding my SNES and NES carts, circling most of the room in an unbroken line.  We'll see if I can figure that one out...

Which maybe means the top level should use 1x4 boards so that the SNES carts aren't hidden in the back



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Editorials Team · Posted

Started the work.  East wall will have 4 areas that are just under 40 inches wide.  Gonna reinforce the shelves with small brackets underneath that go into the studs.

I'm not doing adjustable shelving.  Partially because I'd probably fuck it up, and partially because I'm pretty confident I'm already at an endgame strategy for what I want.

Each section will have 8-10 shelves.  SNES across the entire top with the 4 inch board.  NES directly below that, also across the entire wall.  That way I can expand into the north or south walls if necessary.

Doing wider boards up against the two walls, and the floor.

I'll have to figure out something to make the top look good.  Maybe an angled cut up towards the top board, maybe a little piece glued onto the side of the top board.IMG_20200623_192317.thumb.jpg.3a7a161194b22570debcae5f0b818dd5.jpg


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