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Music Debate 48: Britney Spears

Reed Rothchild

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Master thread with standings

Ratings key: 
10 - One of your very favorite artists of all time.
9 - Killer fucking band.  Or artist.
8 - Great sound, great songs, great albums.
7 - Very good, but not quite great.
6 - Pretty good.  More than a few songs you like.  You'd entertain the thought of seeing them live if they were in the area.  Or still alive.
5 - They're okay, but maybe not something you'll go out of your way to listen to.
4 - Meh.  There may be a song or two, or an album that you dig, but you'd rather listen to other stuff.
3 - Not very good.  You will more likely than not turn the station if they come on the radio.
2 - Not your cup of tea at all.  Some people like this, but you are not one of them.
1 - Horrible in every way.
0 - In the running for worst artist/musician of all time.  You would rather take a cheese grater to your face than listen to this.



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I was in high school when Hit Me Baby One More Time was released, so Britney was a pretty big deal in my school.  I don't think I ever owned any of her music, but I would still admit that some of her music is kind of catchy.  If I'm going off the rating key, I guess I have to give her a 6 even though that feels high.  

Funny story.  In college, one of my friends was a huge fan of hers.  We got to talking about her live performances and I mentioned something about how she doesn't sing live.  My friend of course didn't believe me.  I explained that while it's certainly her voice in the recording studio, she and most performers like her don't actually sing at most live performances.  I thought my friend was going to kill me for breaking that to her.  I asked her if she thought it was odd that the live performance sounded exactly the same as her album, but she insisted that Britney was just that good of a singer.  🙄

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14 minutes ago, DefaultGen said:

5/10. I would put most of the Brittney songs in this thread on over modern top 40 pop stuff, so it can't be that bad.

I would put the sounds emitting from my bathroom above modern top 40 stuff, so that isn't too high of a bar to clear.

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1 minute ago, SuperJimtendo said:

Oh and that song that ke$ha wrote that sounds like Britney singing a ke$ha song. That shit is also dope 

Funny, when I first heard it, I was like, "Is Britney covering a Ke$ha song I've never heard?" Because something in the meter and cadence of the lyrics made me think of it. Then I found out Ke$ha wrote it. She's got a distinctive lyric writing voice.

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3 hours ago, guitarzombie said:

2.  Shes not a musician, she's an entertainer / dancer.  She helped usher in the hot chick pop/dancer vibe.  She can barely sing, but shes hot, can dance and thats it.  Manufactured music for people to buy devoid of art.

”she can barely sing” compared to who Whitney Houston?

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