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  1. Wooo! Hello Itszor, I did not find a way to reach you online, very humbled that you are reaching me! I wanted to thank you for your work on 6502-gcc, I use it for non time-critical parts of my game, and really love it! Thank you. Since I tried it, I am advocating for it on any opportunity. About memcpy For the memcpy, the thing is the compiled code uses an 8 bits counter, and don't return the original address. So even the perfectly written memcpy can be beaten. Also, it is on the inlineable version that "gcc -O3" called memcpy instead of writing optimized code for the case. Com
  2. You are definitely right. C is for the impatient, the one who want to iterate fast, at the expense of quality. ASM always brings the best results! Also I don't know of any compiler taking advantage of illegal opcodes. Knowing you, it is certainly a show-stopper
  3. Technical highlight: C compilers for 6502 benchmark: A new hope! Adding a C compiler in your game's toolchain is not an easy task. Each have their own strength, and weakness. You may want speed, ease of use, compliance to the standard, freedom, or anything. We'll try to compare some compilers, maybe it will help you. While choosing a compiler to enter my game's toolchain, the speed was the least of the concerns but discussions invariably derived to the subject. This article will mainly focus on this question: what compiler produces blazing fast code? Some code samples will be co
  4. Technical highlight: rollback netcode on the NES, the gory details Hey folks! Ready for a really technical one? Super Tilt Bro. ALPHA 5 just hit the public, and with it the ability to play online with any character on any stage. Time to take a step back, see how the netcode works, and what where the biggest challenges. As you know it from reading the precedent technical highlight (or at least the illustrated part), Super Tilt Bro. Implements a rollback netcode on the NES. It means that the game is always smooth, when the messages from the other NES take time to transit, the game
  5. Little update on how's the project is going. As often, I went quiet for a long time. I was re-implementing the music engine from scratch. I had nothing fancy to share. The new engine is in its infancy, but already has some interesting features: Able to play Famitracker files with effects (Fxx, Gxx, Dxx, Sxx, Axx, Qxx, Rxx, 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, and 4xx for now) Speed and code size comparable to ggsound and famitone (if not better, always debatable) Data a little heavier than ggsound/famitone, but still better than Famitracker's driver I made my own engine to prepare for my
  6. If you are curious of the online mode you may want to join the discord. There, you will be able to find someone to play with you. Also, we are running a King of the hill tournament on it. Beat the king to claim his crown, as simple as that!
  7. Technical highlight: Real time online gaming with the NES Super Tilt Bro. is not a retro-game. It always tried to be a modern game on retro hardware, and modern games are playable online! We "simply" put a WiFi chipset in the cartridge, and let's rock! New millennium, here we come! A prototype of the WiFi cartridge by @BrokeStudio. Challenges of online gaming Writing a game to be played online is not an easy task. At any time, we have to ensure that both players see the same scene. When the game is fast-paced, some milliseconds of ping can make a big difference.
  8. I'd prefere not to organize it myself. I do not feel legitimate enough to push my own game so hard, especially as it is still a prototype and I cannot guarantee that it will be a good experience.If it came to life, I could of course help in any imaginable way.
  9. That would be awesome! And a nice stress test if conducted on the prototype, but it would need to be nicely synchronized (the current matchmaking don't even let you know who is your opponent), maybe on discord?
  10. Hey, some news from the project: there is a prototype for online versus. I am interested in it since @Broke Studio revealed his plans to develop a mapper with an integrated WiFi chipset. Actually, I worked with him to help with emulator support of his mapper while he was developing the hardware. The current state of this project is that there is some prototype cartridges (not yet generally available) and a patched version of FCEUX that support it. Writing netcode is not an easy task. Especially for real time, fast paced games that run on a hardware with 2KB RAM (I will certainly write a
  11. Of course I am working on it. It would be madness not to try to do something so cool!
  12. Wrapping from one side to the other is definitely feasible as a stage-specific rule, but I don't like it. It violates a major rule of the game (the fact that you die when going out of screen), and I do not find it particularily fun. Actually some stages behave like that in Super Smash Bros. and I never saw anybody use it smartly, most of the time players just don't go to screen's limits voluntarily. Anyway, The Pit is an excellent candidate to test this rule. I guess, if there is more demand I may implement it there. About four players support, I will not do it. It would require to i
  13. Haha that's not soon, but I'll remember
  14. Hehe, yes the idea to down-tap to fallthrough platforms was yours! Thanks for that I hope that the CPU upgrade is enough, that's more tweaking numbers (and using down-tap) than really making it smarter.
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