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Hi all, I just launched a podcast focused on homebrew games. We're using a "game club" format where two friends and I pick one game to play for each episode, then get together after a month to talk about it. The first episode is more of an introductory discussion among the three of us about our histories with games and what we each bring to the table. I would like to think we represent three somewhat different perspectives, with each of us shaped by our professional experiences around the game, tech, and film/video industries.

You can listen to a short (45 second) promo clip on our main podcast feed here. Our angle is sort of "smart commentary by way of stupid humor," which... should be obvious from the trailer. 

We have fairly active discussions going on Discord about each game we cover. For links to our Discord server (and other social media), check out our Linktree at http://homebrewgameclub.com.

Direct links to each episode are below, and I'll be adding new episodes to the VGS Blog section as they post. Feel free to use this thread for general comments. We are just getting off the ground and are always looking for ways to improve, so constructive suggestions or other feedback are greatly appreciated!

Episode 0: Introductions  (Start here if you want to know more about who we are.)

Game Club 1: Lizard

HBGC Extra: The [Retracted] List of NES Homebrew Games

Game Club 2: Deadeus

Retro-Inspired Indie Games

Game Club 3: Witch n' Wiz

Interview: Matt Hughson

Game Club 4: NEScape!

Midwest Gaming Classic 2022 Recap

Game Club 5: Space Raft

Review: Diamond Thieves

Game Club 6: Xeno Crisis

Review: Ruby & Rusty Save the Crows

Game Club 7: Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure

Interview: Jordan "Raftronaut" Davis

Game Club 8: Dungeons & DoomKnights

We're Doing a Giveaway! (Two, Actually)

Game Club 9: Traumatarium and Phobos Dere .gb

We Played 67 NES Demos and Now We Are Tired

Game Club 10: L'Abbaye des Morts

What Else We're Playing (2022 Recap)

Game Club 11: What Remains

Interview: Francesco Bacchelli (Studio Loading)

Game Club 12: The Cursed Knight

Interview: Kevin Hanley

Game Club 13: The Machine

Interview: Ben Jelter

With Twitter's Decline, What's Next for Indie Game Developers?

Game Club 14: Anguna

Game Club 15: Doodle World and Kubo 3

Game Club 16: Shmups!

Courier for NES (Kickstarter Preview)

HBGC Answers Your Questions

Game Club 17: Full Quiet

Live at the 2024 Midwest Gaming Classic

Game Club 18: Flea and Tapeworm Disco Puzzle


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7 minutes ago, Scrobins said:

I want to hear more from the Super Mario Bros. 2 cart! Why did you censor it??!?!

We had someone ask this on Discord also. I know we dropped the explicit tag but I didn't realize there was an audience for this kind of filthy content. 

If I've got a recording set up where Bart and Conor can't make it I might bring back SMB2 and Lizard cartridge for a three-way conversation... Not sure I'd be able to get a word in edgewise though as those are gonna be some extremely hot takes

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21 hours ago, dvertov said:

Oh, and we're giving away a free digital copy of the excellent Witch n' Wiz for NES, courtesy of Matt Hughson! Just leave us a review on iTunes to enter, and we'll announce the winner during our upcoming Deadeus episode (due January 2022).

My stars & review are on the French iTunes... not sure if you will see it.

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7 minutes ago, dvertov said:

I was wondering about that. I'll see if I can figure out how to view those.

Not really useful... but

Here to access the FRENCH Itunes page, in a browser:

Here the Japanese iTunes page:


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6 minutes ago, dale_coop said:

Great, thanks!

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