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Super Tilt Bro. for NES


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Did you notice that all Nintendo systems coming after the N64 have their own version of Super Smash Bros? It is a shame that this (wonderful) experience is not ported to earlier systems!

Super Tilt Bro. for NES is my humble attempt at filling this void. It adapts this fun and nervous gameplay to the NES and its eight buttons controller.

You can freely download the ROM, play in a browser or hack the source.


It now has an ONLINE mode! Short story: Wi-Fi chipset in the cart. Long story: here.

Wishlist the physical release.

To find an online opponent, join the discord.

Here is the trailer:

In this topic there will be different kinds of updates:

  • Technical highlights: small articles about technical challenges of developing Super Tilt Bro. and how they are solved.
  • Patch notes: when the game receives an update, details are available right here.
  • News: Less often, I may announce something big (like a new physical edition)
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Updated wishlist link
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You got it. V1 runs on NROM boards, because it was my first homebrew and there was enough to learn without worrying about bank-switching.

V2 runs on UNROM512, but the mapper may change one day. Don't ask why, I cannot say that it is because I want to port to a still non-existing internet-enabled mapper. It would sound crazy.

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Originally posted on May 8, 2019

Technical highlight: Beginning the work on v2, rethinking positions

All Super Tilt Bro. cartridges are now shipped. It is time to begin to work on the second version. It all begins with in-depth refactoring. Let's fix version 1's shortcomings before making a better game. We will begin by changing the way we handle positions.

The NES generates 256x240 pictures. Nice! We can describe any on-screen position with two bytes: one 8-bits unsigned integer for the horizontal component and another for the vertical component. In Super Tilt Bro. v1, if you go out of screen, you die. Technically, you will always be on screen, so this simple "one byte per component" system is enough.

Some objects, like characters, need more flexibility. In this case, we can add a second byte, the sub-pixel position. It becomes a fixed point number, allowing to have finer-grained positions for this object. It is especially useful when it comes to movement speed, we can easily move such an object by 1.5 pixels per frame.


This system works well, but has two shortcomings.

The first is technical, and we can live with it: signed and unsigned integers don't mix well. Indeed, when we have two on-screen points, subtracting one by another and you get a vector... At least that's what my math teachers told me. Actually, with this system, we subtract two unsigned integers. It is flawless while the result is positive. When the result is negative, since we work with unsigned numbers, we overflow. There is always a path to work with it, but sometimes it is a pain.

The second problem has no workaround, Super Tilt Bro. v1 was released with it: allowing the character to go slightly off-screen before dying makes the game more pleasant. With this positioning system everywhere in the game (characters, hitboxes, platforms, particles,...), we cannot simply implement the concept of "out of screen" without reworking a good part of the engine. Super Tilt Bro. v1 just does not understand the idea of "out of screen". By the way, in its logic, we do not die "when we go out of screen" (it is meaningless), but "when we are moving to the left and finish on the right of the screen".

To solve these shortcomings, the positioning system is rethought. Instead of storing a component in an unsigned byte, a two-bytes signed integer is used. The most significant byte is the screen byte, the least significant one is the pixel byte. Of course, objects needing a fine-grained position can add a sub-pixel byte.


This new system avoids mixing signed and unsigned integers and opens the way to let characters go off-screen. That's nice. Moreover, we have lots of space. One byte for the screen, there is 256 possible screens. If, one day, we want to add an adventure mode based on scrolling, it would be feasible.

This change comes at a cost. Storing positions requires more RAM while computing it puts more load on the CPU. Happily for CPU budget, there was a big optimization done while refactoring animations. It is much more impacting than some 16 bits additions.

Most of it was done during a mini marathon. You will find the resulting ROM here: http://supertiltbro.wontfix.it/files/preview/Super_Tilt_Bro_marathon(E).nes

Do not hesitate to give me feedback about how it impacts the game's feel, or some bug reports.

While I was doing this marathon, I posted my daily progress on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RogerBidon/status/1122047017444880384 Tell me if this kind of report is interesting for you. I will surely do it again, I loved it.

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Originally posted on June 17, 2019

Technical highlight: Adding new characters to Super Tilt Bro.

The Super Tilt Bro's engine is now capable of handling multiple characters. That took a good chunk on work, but there is nothing to show. No ROM with hundreds of characters and so many hours of gameplay. For now, it is “simply” a new feature of the engine. That's what I will talk about: technical problems and their solution in Super Tilt Bro.

Ok, there is a new “playable” character: Squareman, the character incapable of doing anything.

Why do we want multiple characters?

Short answer: because that's awesome!

Actually, allowing the player to choose between a bunch of characters was an idea floating around since the beginning of Super Tilt Bro. But it was not realistic. More than just the limited workforce on the project, the limited ROM's size makes it particularly hard. Sinbad takes 6 Kilobytes, with the game itself, Super Tilt Bro. v1 has not enough free space for a second 6 KB character. Another issue is the video memory. Video memory is a ROM containing 256 tiles, Sinbad's graphics use 94 tiles. We could not even put tiles for three characters without some in-depth optimization.

Anyway, times are changing! Super Tilt bro. v2 is stored on a bigger cartridge. 512 Kilobytes instead of 32, that's an incredible upgrade. Video memory cannot be magically increased like that. What we can do is to replace the video ROM by some RAM chip. As the RAM can be rewritten at any time, we can store on it only graphics of characters actually in use. Finally, Super Tilt Bro. v1 was a nice project to see what can be done with an NES, v2 aims to push it to the limit.

Oh, and ... Having many characters is awesome!

So, how do we make a game with many characters?

First problem first, storing the characters. The CPU in the NES sees a ROM of 32 Kilobytes. To access more space, we will have to cheat. The trick is to put a larger ROM in the cartridge which cannot be entirely seen by the CPU. Just make it such that we can change the window seen by the CPU at any time. Bingo! We can access more than 32 Kilobytes, just not everything at the same time.

That's the basic idea of bank-switching. The space in the cartridge is split in 16 Kilobytes chunks (the banks). So, there can be two banks in the 32 Kilobytes seen by the CPU. One bank is always visible by the CPU, we call it the fixed bank. The other bank visible by the CPU can be switched at any time.

Super Tilt Bro. v2's cartridge is gigantic!

Super Tilt Bro. uses a simple strategy to store characters in separate banks. All data defining a character must be in the same bank. In the fixed bank, there is a table telling the storage bank of each character. When the engine needs one character's data, it just selects the appropriate bank with the help of this table.

The index in the fixed bank allows to find any character's storage bank

The video memory problem is handled with another solution. There is not enough space for all sprites, but bank switching would be inefficient. Every on-screen character must be visible at the same time in the video memory, the graphic chipset needs it to display it. A banking system is just not fine-grained enough to choose two random characters. The solution is to use video RAM. When the game is starting, it can write tiles from chosen characters in video RAM, and voilà!

That's only the beginning!

OK, we have an engine capable of handling many characters. Do you think that the next logical step is to create a lot of stylish characters? No! For now, creating a character means writing a lot of assembly (to implement its move-set) and binary (for its graphics and animations). That's slow, hard and distract from designing the character. This process has to be easier.

The next step will be to create tools. First, a file format capable of storing everything about a character. This files will be compiled in assembly when building the project. Next, it would be nice to have an editor in which we simply draw character's animations, the tool taking care of everything else to produce a playable ROM.

Once tools are good enough, creating a new character would be realistic. It will be simpler than implementing it in assembly/binary and will be the occasion to play with our new tools.

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Originally posted on October 9, 2019

Technical highligh: Making a moddable game

The last entry in this devlog concluded that, before implementing new characters, we needed a storage format for them. Indeed, making a new character for a game imply designing it, drawing it and possibly implementing some specific behavior. With all that work to do, we really don't want to care about engine's internals like banks layout.

To achieve that, we will make the game moddable.

First we have to forget about the code. Just think about everything that makes a character distinct from others: its animations, hitboxes, special moves,... An easy to edit file format made to contain all that is the base of the mod. When building the game, a script can read this info and integrate it to game's code.

Structure of a Super Tilt Bro. mod

In Super Tilt Bro.'s case the storage format is based on two foundations: JSON and GIF. JSON is handy when it comes to describe hierarchical information, like “it is a mod, containing a character, having an attack animation, with a powerful hitbox”. About GIF, it is an image format, handy to... store images, you know 🙂 OK, there is one property of GIF that is too often overlooked, but make it the ideal format: it stores colors in a palette. As NES graphics are also based on palettes, it is really smooth to work with GIF as graphics source.

To compile a mod means converting it to assembly files that can be integrated to the project

The storage format for mods being defined is a good step forward, there is no more need to fight engine's internals to get a new character in the game. Sadly, writing JSON manually is particularly painful. Better writing tools to take care of that.

Let's get some tools!

The perfect tool would be a graphical editor, running in the browser, easy to use, covering all engine's features, with... OK, stop dreaming. Maybe one day somebody will have enough time to implement such an awesome software. In the meantime reusing existing software will do the trick.

I work a lot with The Gimp, from there comes the idea of reusing its interface. Conforming to a precise hierarchy of layers (animations in a “anims” layers group, hitboxes defined by layers named “hitbox”,...) allows to script the conversion of the file to JSON+GIF mod's format. This way, characters can be drawn directly in the graphics editor, which is definitively more comfortable than editing a bunch of data files.

A word about Open Raster. The Gimp saves XCF files, Krita produces KRA files, Photoshop PSD. Those formats are designed to cover all features of their respective editor, even when it makes them hard to use by other software. When someone wants to share layered graphics, nowadays PSD is commonly used because it is almost universally (partially) supported. It leads too often to the “your file does not work in my editor” kind of issues. Open Raster appeared while there was an argument between Krita's and The Gimp's communities about who should support the format of the other. As such, it is really designed as an exchange format, it is simple and supports only the common feature: layered graphics. It is really simple. Writing a parser that meets the needs of Super Tilt Bro. was trivial. So, technically, build scripts support the Open Raster format, not The Gimp. Character creators can use their favorite editor.
tl;dr Open Raster rocks!

What a big build chain!

As you can see, the problem has been treated step-by-step, resulting in a multi-steps solution. Formerly we had some assembly source and made a ROM from it. Now, that's more something like that: work is done in The Gimp, image saved to Open Raster, converted to JSON+GIF, becomes assembly code then finally a ROM. That is simpler to use, the creator draws the character and some scripts take care of the details. To avoid obscure errors from the complex build system, each step zealously checks for inconsistencies. So errors can be detected early in the chain and reported with high level messages. Nobody wants to see an assembly related message because of a misnamed layer, or worse a valid ROM that crashes from time to time with no clear reason.

Cool, now what's next?

Super Tilt Bro. is moddable! Victory! If building projects  is your jam, you can begin by adding a mustache to characters, modify characters to fit your playstyle or even create a new one from scratch. All that by modifying the official mod.

For now, only characters can be modded. Stages will come next 🙂


Uppon request for seeing what it looks like to mod Super Tilt Bro. here is a practical example: adding a mustache to a character.

English subs available.


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  • 3 months later...

Hey! Long time without an update, I was busy on details that are not worth devlog entries like fixing bugs, polishing menus, improving AI,... All this to come to a releasable state.

Here comes the first ALPHA of Super Tilt Bro. version 2! As always, free to grab here.

That's an ALPHA, which means that there are tons of stuff to be added later. Most notably network support, but also more characters, more stages, better music and whatever seems cool, time will tell.

  • New character:
    •  Her name is Kiki, she is the mascot of the Krita project
    •  With her big brush, she is able to draw platforms to recover or block her opponent
    •  She has a long range that largely compensate for being slower than Sinbad
  • Gameplay:
    • Made it easier to input recovery moves
    • Characters can go out of screen before losing a stock
    • You can fall through slim platforms by briefly tapping down
  • New graphics:
    • The hunt now takes place in deep caves
    • The pit is now in stiffing jungle
    • Skyride and Flatland make you fight in antique ruins
  • Improved menus:
    • Title screen is now animated
    • Transition between menus is more nervous
  • Improved AI:
    • The bot no more misses its strikes when you are not moving
    • The bot is no more stuck when on a platform above you
    • There is actually one AI specific to each character
    • Hard mode CPU is more challenging (especially Kiki's bot)

Hope you enjoy playing it as much as I love coding it! 🤓

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I played a version I downloaded a while back. One thing that I wanted to see is a mechanic where if you go off to the right of the screen that your character then appears on the left off the screen (wrap around) like in the Mario Bros arcade game where you kick the crabs and flies that come out of the pipes.

This seems like a really fun two player experience. If you added an option for 4 player support I'm sure that you would get the type of response that Micro Mages got.

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Wrapping from one side to the other is definitely feasible as a stage-specific rule, but I don't like it. It violates a major rule of the game (the fact that you die when going out of screen), and I do not find it particularily fun. Actually some stages behave like that in Super Smash Bros. and I never saw anybody use it smartly, most of the time players just don't go to screen's limits voluntarily.

Anyway, The Pit is an excellent candidate to test this rule. I guess, if there is more demand I may implement it there.

About four players support, I will not do it. It would require to impose harsh limitations on VRAM usage per character, while characters all have tens of animations (22 for Sinbad.) I prefere focusing the design on the two-players experience than fighting against a too restrictive tiles budget. More than two players can still play the game, just print brackets and bring a beer for the winner 😉 Ingame tournament support would be cool though, and it is definitely in my todo-list.

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  • 1 month later...

Hey, some news from the project: there is a prototype for online versus.

I am interested in it since @Broke Studio revealed his plans to develop a mapper with an integrated WiFi chipset. Actually, I worked with him to help with emulator support of his mapper while he was developing the hardware. The current state of this project is that there is some prototype cartridges (not yet generally available) and a patched version of FCEUX that support it.
Writing netcode is not an easy task. Especially for real time, fast paced games that run on a hardware with 2KB RAM (I will certainly write an article on that). So before making it in the public alpha, I made an online prototype. It comes with the emulator, the roms, and two public servers: one in North America, the other in Europe. All this bundled in a convenient zip archive, so you just have to unzip it and run the launcher "noth-america" or "europe" depending on where you are.

Here is the link: http://supertiltbro.wontfix.it/online.html

Note that the servers may not see a lot of players, you should definitely bring a friend to play with you. Also, I am eager for feedback (that's the goal of a prototype), do not hesitate to comment on your experience, being good or terrible. Thanks for your time!

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      -Flight of Pigarus €50 CIB Link
      -Heroes Against Demons €45 CIB Link
      -Prisonnier 2 €45 CIB Link
      -Voyage-A Sorceress' Vacation €45 CIB Link
      Currently Available Genesis/Mega Drive Releases:
      -16Bit Rhythm Land $60 CIB Link
      -Alien Cat 2 $50 CIB Link
      -Arkagis Revolution $50 CIB Link (Mega Cat) & €45 CIB Link (Broke Studio)
      -Balaio de Jogos (4-in-1) 99.90 R$ CB Link
      -Cannon Fire Chaos $50 CIB Link
      -Coffee Crisis $50 CIB Link
      -The Curse of Illmoore Bay $60 CIB Link
      -Debtor $60 CIB Link
      -Demons of Asteborg €69 CIB Link
      -Devwill Too $50 CIB Link
      -Escape 2042 $40 CIB Link
      -Fight for Vengeance $60 CIB Link
      -Foxy Land $60 CIB Link
      -Gluf $50 CIB Link
      -Handy Harvy $35 CIB Link
      -Kromasphere YAGAC MD $35 CIB Link
      -L'Abbaye des Morts $45 CIB Link
      -Little Medusa $55 CIB Link
      -Mega Casanova $29 CIB Link
      -Mega Marble World $35 CIB Link
      -Mega Marble World 2 $38 CIB Link
      -Mega Quadro Pong $44.75 CIB Link
      -MegaXmas ’89 $30 C Link
      -Metal Blast 2277 $32 CIB Link
      -Misplaced $50 CIB Link
      -Old Towers $50 CIB Link
      -Papi Commando: Second Blood €45 CIB Link
      -Racer $29 CIB Link
      -Romeow & Julicat $50 CIB Link
      -Smiley & Smiley $29 CIB Link
      -Space Flies Attack $38 CIB Link
      -Super Heavy Duty $35 CIB Link
      -Tanzer $50 CIB Link
      -Tanglewood $50 CIB Link
      -Xeno Crisis £55 CIB Link
      -Xump 2 €24.37 CIB Link & Link
      -Yazzie $50 CIB Link
      Currently Available Genesis/Mega Drive Music Carts:
      -genMDM $80 C Link
      -Mikeyeldey: the album C$18 CIB Link
      -Remute: Technoptimistic €33 Link
       Currently Available Game Gear Releases:
      -Hamburgers En Route to Switzerland $39 C Link
      -Saeko-sensei’s Sex Appeal Blackjack ¥7,800 CIB Link
       Currently Available TurboGrafx 16 Releases (HuCARD only):
      -Atlantean $68 CIB Link
      Part II: Defunct Homebrew or Sorry But Your Homebrew is in Another Castle
      No Longer Available NES/Famicom Releases:
      -1007 Bolts/Hammers/Gifts
      -8-bit XMAS 2008
      -8-bit XMAS 2009
      -8-bit XMAS 2010
      -8-bit XMAS 2011
      -8-bit XMAS 2012
      -8-bit XMAS 2013
      -8-bit XMAS 2014
      -8-bit XMAS 2015
      -8-bit XMAS 2016
      -8-bit XMAS 2020
      -Action 53, Volume 1: Function 16 Volume One "Streemerz Bundle"
      -Astro Ninja Man (FC)
      -Basic Championship Wrestling
      -Beat ‘Em
      -Beyond the Pins (The Assembly Line Game Jam 2021)
      -Blade Buster
      -Blow ‘Em Out
      -Bomb Sweeper
      -Box Boy
      -Brandon You're Going to Hell
      -Brilliant Pebbles
      -Bust A Nut: Flight of the Harbinger
      -Candelabra: Estoscerro
      -Commie Killer
      -Commie Killer featuring Jeffrey Wittenhagen
      -Console Killer
      -Convention Quest
      -Cornball Cocksuckers
      -Cowlitz Gamers Adventure
      -Cowlitz Gamers Second Adventure
      -Cross-Strait Independence
      -CTWC 2018: The Archives
      -D+Pad Hero
      -D+Pad Hero 2
      -Dead Tomb
      -Dragon Boat (FC)
      -Dragon Feet
      -Dragon Leap
      -Final Fantasy VII
      -Flappy Bird
      -Frankengraphics Concept Cart
      -Freecell LE
      -From Below
      -Garage Cart
      -Germ Squashers
      -Gold Guardian Gun Girl (FC)
      -The Grind
      -Gruniożerca 2
      -Gruniożerca 3
      -Halloween Scare Cart 2015
      -Halloween Scare Cart 2016
      -Halloween Scare Cart 2017
      -Halloween Scare Cart 2018
      -Haradius Zero (NES)
      -Hungry Ghost Night (Gasse version) (FC)
      -Hungry Ghost Night (Wang version) (FC)
      -Ilevan (FC)
      -The Incident
      -Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawl
      -Juhannusolumppialaiset 2017
      -Juhannussauna 2016
      -Kevin Power in Concert Carnage
      -Kevin Power in Too Many Games
      -KHAN Games 4-in-1 Retro Gamepak
      -Kira Kira Star Night DX
      -LAN Master
      -Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover
      -Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover: Engagement Edition
      -Lawn Mower
      -Legends of Owlia
      -Mad Wizard
      -The Magnilo Case
      -Midwest Gaming Classic 2011
      -Miles Con 2016
      -Mr. Splash
      -NA Halloween 2009
      -NAGE Hunt
      -Ninja Slapper
      -Nomolos: Storming the Catsle
      -Peace Love Trippy Club (FC)
      -Perfect Pair
      -Random Insult Generator
      -RC 2 Rally (FC) Link
      -Retro Homebrew Championships 2015
      -Rick Roll'd
      -Rise of Amondus
      -Rock, Paper, Scissors
      -RSM Cart 2011
      -RSM Cart 2012
      -Shera & The 40 Thieves
      -Sitten Kitten
      -Slappin' Bitches
      -Sly Dog Studios 3-in-1 2P Pak
      -Sneak ‘n Peek
      -Space Foxes
      -Star Keeper
      -Star Versus
      -Sudoku 2007
      -Super Bat Puncher Demo (NES)
      -Super Russian Roulette
      -Tailgate Party
      -Tapeworm Disco Party
      -Tic Tac XO
      -Tower Defense 1990
      -The Tower of Turmoil
      -Turtle Rescue: Unhatched DX
      -Turtle Rescue: Unwrapped
      -Ultimate Frogger Champion
      -Utakata Synopsis (FC)
      -Vector Run
      -Vegetablets Go (NES & FC)
      -VGBS Gaming Podcast Season 1
      -Zooming Secretary
       No Longer Available NES/Famicom Music Carts:
      -_node: d3ad_form4t
      -8Bit Music Power
      -Alex Mauer: Color Caves
      -Alex Mauer: Vegavox
      -Alex Mauer: Vegavox II
      -Alwa's Awakening Soundtrack
      -Anamanaguchi: Dawn Metropolis
      -Anamanaguchi: Endless Fantasy
      -Anamanaguchi: Power Supply
      -animal style: Teletime
      -Chip Maestro (for making music!)
      -Holly Jolly NES Mix
      -Goofy Foot: Power Chiptunes
      -King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Polygondwanaland
      -King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Polygondwanaland 2nd Release
      -Kreese: PAL Project
      -Moonfall: A Legend of Zelda Compilation
      -Puzzle Boys: Duck Tails
      -RTC: Years Behind
      -Super Synth Drums Cart
      -Zao: Reformat/Reboot
      -Zi: Four
      No Longer Available SNES/Super Famicom Releases:
      -16-bit XMAS 2011
      -16-bit XMAS 2012
      -Frog Feast
      -Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero
      No Longer Available Game Boy Releases:
      -Rope & Bombs
      -Super Connard
      -Super Jetpack DX
      -The Warp Coin Catastrophe
      -Windows 93 Adventure
      No Longer Available Game Boy Music Carts:
      -King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Flying Microtonal Banana (Gizzmoix)
      -King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: I’m In Your Mind Fuzz (Gizzmoix)
      -The Mist Toggles: Boneless
      -Nonfinite: Plus/Minus
      -Tronimal: Hello_World!
      No Longer Available GBA Releases:
      -Anguna: Warriors of Virtue
      No Longer Available GBA Music Carts:
      -Be Careful: Anemoia Garden
      -Be Careful: Liminal Cove
      -Doctor Popular: Destroy All Presets
      -Don Aaron: FREEDOM?
      -H A R U S P E X: Tome of the Forbidden Land
      -Lin Lin and the Symphony of Tears: Release I
      -mingkurray: Hidden EP
      -mingkurray: holographic
      -NMBUS x Be Careful: Linear EP
      -OasisLtd.: Mixtape #1
      -Startide Realms: ASVMR
      -TUPPERWAVE: To you baby, with love
      -Whitewoods: Spaceship Earth
      No Longer Available Sega Master System Releases:
       -Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe
      No Longer Available Genesis/Mega Drive Releases:
      -16Bit Rhythm Land
      -30 Years of Nintendon't
      -ASCII Wars
      -Beach Volley
      -Bomb on Basic City
      -Code Eliminator
      -Diamond Thieves
      -Double Symbol
      -FX Unit Yuki
      -Game Panic II
      -Germ Squashers
      -Griel’s Quest
      -Hangman SG
      -Humiliation Nation
      -IK+ Deluxe
      -Megagames Almanac
      -Mega Cheril Perils
      -Papi Commando
      -Pier Solar and the Great Architects
      -Return to Genesis
      -Sacred Line
      -Star J
      -T*Gun II
      -Uwol Quest for Money
      -War in the Machine
      -Zooming Secretary
       No Longer Available Genesis/Mega Drive Music Carts:
      -Eternalist: A Telefuture Compilation
      -Freezedream: Today
      -Hyperdub: Konsolation (bundled with Analogue Mega Sg)
      -Tanglewood Soundtrack
      -TH4 D34D: Future 2612
    • By Scrobins
      VGS Homebrew on the Horizon:
      Whereas the purpose of the VGS Homebrew Almanac is to keep an up-to-date list of cartridge homebrew releases that are currently available or whose production runs have ended, this list will provide an up-to-date list of cartridge homebrew releases within sight to one degree or another.
      Part I of this list will include live pre-orders, either through the developer’s website or a crowdfunding page such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
      Part II of this list will only include homebrew games that previously had pre-orders open, but which are now closed (e.g. a crowdfunding campaign has ended and no further pre-orders are being taken). This section will serve as a sort of limbo for games that will be available soon and will therefore soon be moved to the Homebrew Almanac. Completed roms for games where the developer is planning or considering a physical cart run will also be found here.
      Part III of this list will be devoted to homebrew projects that developers have announced are in the works, but which are not yet available for pre-order, though demos may have been released to whet our appetites. The line between which projects have been abandoned and which retain a glimmer of hope is a fuzzy one, so developers please pm me if you wish to be added/removed.
      Part IV is dedicated to the memory of homebrew projects which, as far as I can tell, have been abandoned. This may be because the developer has gone dormant on this project or in general, or a developer had a page for this game that has since vanished. May they one day be resurrected.
      Links will be to a game’s individual page, development blog, VGS thread, Twitter account, or some combination thereof to provide the community with the best possible access to news. But if developers would like me to link elsewhere, please tell me.
      *The usual disclaimer, I am sure that there are mistakes and games that slipped my attention in what follows. Feel free to point them out or inform us all of a change in a game's status. If you are the creator of a game and you would like to have your work included at a set date/time, please feel free to send me a pm. 
      Part I: Homebrew Available for Pre-Order
      NES/Famicom Available for Pre-Order:
      -8bit Music Power $55 CIB Link
      -8bit Music Power Final $55 CIB Link
      -The Adventures of Panzer CAD$80 CIB Link
      -Alwa's Awakening $60 CIB Link
      -Anguna: Scourge of the Goblin King $60 CIB Link
      -Blazing Rangers €55 CIB Link
      -Choumiryou-Party (FC) ¥9000 CIB Link
      -Dungeons & Doomknights $48 CIB Link
      -Full Quiet $60 CIB Link
      -Ghoul Grind: Night of the Necromancer $55 CIB Link
      -Kira Kira Star Night DX $55 CIB Link
      -KUBO 1 & 2 CIB Link
      -MOON8 re-release (chiptune) €40 C Link
      -Ooze Redux $50 CIB Link
      -Orange Island £100 CIB Link
      -Reknum: Fantasy of Dreams C Link
      -Roniu's Tale $60 CIB Link
      -Soko Banana $60 CIB Link
      -Super Bat Puncher Demo (FC) €45 CIB Link
      -Tapeworm Disco Puzzle £50 CIB Link
      -Temple Dilemma $60 CIB Link
      -Turtle Paint $52 CIB Link
      -Zdey the Game €50 CIB Link
      SNES Available for Pre-Order:
      -Chip's Challenge $50 CIB Link
      -Eyra - The Crow Maiden $50 CIB Link
      Game Boy Available for Pre-Order:
      -Digital Monster C$30 C Link
      -Digital Retro Park (chiptune) €40 CIB Link
      -Doc Cosmos £40 CIB Link
      -The First Project €25 C Link
      -GB Productivity Suite CA$30 CIB Link
      -Gelatinous: Humanity Lost $50 CIB Link
      -Genesis $45 CIB Link
      -How did I get here? £50 CIB Link
      -Infinity CA$90 CIB Link
      -Pineapple Kid £40 CIB Link
      -Pine Creek $60 CIB Link
      -Planet Hop £50 CIB Link
      -POWA! €50 CIB Link
      -The Shapeshifter 2 €49 CIB Link
      -Tales of Monsterland £40 CIB Link
      -Teenage Gizzard Gameboy Game King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard €35 CIB Link
      -The Year After $90 CIB Link
      Game Boy Advance Available for Pre-Order:
      -Goodboy Galaxy Link
      Sega Master System Available for Pre-Order:
      Genesis/Mega Drive Available for Pre-Order:
      -Bone Marrow $60 CIB Link
      -Chip's Challenge $50 CIB Link
      -Eyra - The Crow Maiden $50 CIB Link
      -Irena Genesis Metal Fury €45 CIB Link
      -Metal Dragon €55 CIB Link
      -Paprium $169 CIB Link
      -Reknum: Fantasy of Dreams €60 CIB Link
      Sega Game Gear Available for Pre-Order:
      -Heroes Against Demons €59 CIB Link
      Turbografx-16 Available for Pre-Order:
      -Electronic Lifestyle (chiptune by Remute) €35 C Link
      Part II: Pre-Orders Closed or Completed But Not Yet Released on Cart
      NES/Famicom Pre-Order Closed or Will be Available Soon:
      -Action 53, Volume 4: Actually 54 Link
      -Copper Jacket Link
      -Gamer Quest (fka Nintendo Quest) Link
      -Mystic Searches Link
      -Nix: The Paradox Relic Link
      -Nova the Squirrel Link
      -Saturn Smash Link
      -Slow Mole Link
      -What Remains Link
      -Yeah Yeah Beebiss II
      SNES Pre-Order Closed or Will be Available Soon:
      Game Boy Pre-Order Closed or Will be Available Soon:
      -Black Castle Link
      Game Boy Advance Pre-Order Closed or Will be Available Soon:
      Sega Master System Pre-Order Closed or Will be Available Soon:
      Genesis/Mega Drive Pre-Order Closed or Will be Available Soon:
      -Jessie Jaeger in Cleopatra's Curse Link
      -Phantom Gear $50 CIB Link
      Part III: Homebrew In-Development
      NES/Famicom In-Development:
      -Adventures in Cavyverse Link
      -Afterworld Deluxe Link
      -Alien Isolation Link
      -Cityzen Link
      -Cobol's Laboratory Link
      -Depths Link & Link
      -Diversion Link
      -The Excitables Link
      -Fie (chiptune by Zi) Link
      -Fire & Rescue Link
      -Force Bot Link
      -Former Dawn Link
      -Gulpy Link
      -Gypsum and the Travelers Link
      -Halcyon Link & Link
      -Hamburgers En Route to Switzerland Link
      -The Inversion Project Link
      -Jester Link
      -Janus Link
      -The Last Tower Link
      -Level Zero (chiptune by Zi) Link
      -Light from Within Link
      -Malasombra Link
      -The Meating Link
      -Montezuma's Revenge Link
      -Moon Fest (FC)
      -"Project Borscht" (a Frankengraphics tale) Link
      -"Project Sword" (a Tolbert tale) Link
      -Retro Artists of the Future, Vol 1. (chiptune compilation)
      -Retro Space Championship Link
      -Rumblefest '89 Link
      -Sam’s Journey Link
      -Saru★Kani Panic Link
      -Saturday Man Link
      -Save the Leopard Cats! (FC)
      -The Shapeshifter 1 & 2 Link
      -Snakey Link
      -Sun Wukong vs Robot Link
      -Space Soviets Link
      -Super Tilt Bros. Link
      -Swords & Runes 2
      -Touhou Rououmu (FC) Link
      -Vice: Magic City Mayhem Link
      -The White Room Link
      -Witch N' Wiz Link
      -(untitled Chinese New Year game) (ITG-Soft) (FC)
      -(untitled chiptune album by Electric Dragon) (FC) Link
      -(untitled RPG) (in association with Amaweks) Link
      SNES In-Development:
      -Biz-Billes Link
      -Danmaku Link
      -Justice Beaver – The Great Timber Tantrum Link
      -Nova the Squirrel 2 Link
      -Super Paw-n
      Gameboy/Gameboy Color In-Development:
      -4000AD (chiptune by PROTODOME) Link
      -Busty Bunny: The Bounty Babe Link
      -Coria and the Sunken City Link
      -D*Fuzed Link
      -Digital Monster Link
      -Green Cube Link
      -Gun Ship Link
      -The Machine Link
      -Pet the Dog Link
      -Postal Pete Link
      -The Third Shift Link
      -(untitled Tronimal chiptune) Link
      Game Boy Advance In-Development:
      Sega Master System In-Development:
      Genesis/Mega Drive In-Development:
      -Affinity:Sorrow Link
      -The Alexandra Project Link & Link
      -Alice Sisters Link
      -Apeel’s Court Link & Link
      -Arapuca Link
      -Aratu Brothers + Shaolin Carcará Link
      -ASAP PLZ Link
      -Bio Evil Link
      -Bite the Bullet: First Course Link
      -The Cursed Knight Link
      -Dreams Link
      -Ellenica: Dusk of the Gods Link
      -HorgiHugh Link
      -Insane Pain Link
      -Journey to Oblivion Link
      -Lethal Wedding Link
      -Mega Box Reloaded
      -Mega Darkula Link
      -Perlin & Pinpin Link
      -Shrine Maiden Shizuka Link
      -Space Madness Link
      -Thunder Paw Link
      -Verge World: Icarus Rising Link
      -YM2020 (chiptune) Link
      -ZPF Link
      Part IV: Homebrew Purgatorio
      NES/Famicom In-Development:
      -Almost Hero 2 Link
      -Balls and Booty Link
      -The Banketh Link
      -Bleu Bleu Link
      -Cotton & Candy Link
      -Deal or No Deal
      -Dimension Shift Link & Link
      -Family Vacation
      -The Gift of Discernment (aka Isometric Horror Game) Link & Link
      -High Noon Knockout
      -In Cod We Trust
      -Isolation Link
      -Isshokuta Link
      -Knil Link
      -NOFX Cover Cart Link
      -Project P Link
      -Rival Swarms
      -Space Beats
      -The Sword of Ianna Link
      -The Tenth Knight Link
      -Transamnia Link
      -The Wizard: Story Unknown Link
      -You Only Live Thrice
      -(untitled game by iamerror) Link
      -(untitled game by Punch) Link
      SNES In-Development:
      -Dorven Digger Link
      Game Boy In-Development:
      -Frog Knight Link
      -Last Crown Warriors Link
      Game Boy Advance In-Development:
      Sega Master System In-Development:
      -DARC Link
      -Dead Gunner Link
      -Lain vs. the Castle of Evil Link
      -Lost Raider Link
      Genesis/Mega Drive In-Development:
      -A(...)M(...)96 $169 CIB Link
      -Chant Link
      -The Chaos Citadel Link
      -Crypt of Dracula Link
      -Field of Nightmares
      -Kung Fu UFO Link
      -Magot Link
      -The Shifting Catacombs Link
      -The Viking and the Ninja Link & Link
      -Wanted Link
      -We Got Dungeons Link
      Part V: Malebolge
    • By OwlLicks
      Howdy VGS,
      I'm about ready to start aggressively searching eBay for the games missing from my library. I'm missing a few heavy hitters, but I'm more focused on getting some of the uncommon but not too pricey ones knocked out first. If you have any of these, let me know and I'd be happy to work out a fair price. I don't have too many spare games to trade at the moment.
      Updated 10/21/21
      Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar
      Alfred Chicken
      Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Ubisoft)
      Jimmy Connors Tennis
      Nobunaga's Ambition II
      Tecmo Cup: Soccer Game
      Times of Lore
      Ultima: Warriors of Destiny
      Edit: games in red are spiking on PriceCharting right now, I'll likely hold off on buying these until prices calm down again.
    • By austin532
      Here is a list of CIB, Loose, and misc stuff I have for sale, for offer, or trade. Let me know if you are interested or need pictures. I am negotiable on prices so don't be afraid to ask.🙂




      Dick Tracy - $40

      Airwolf - $2
      Airwolf (Mint) - $5
      Goal! (Very Nice) - $5
      Jeopardy - $2
      Super Mario Bros. 3 - $10
      NES Nintendo Brand Controller - $9
      NES Nintendo Brand Zapper (Gray) - $6



      Arkanoid: Doh It Again CIB - $40
      Madden '93 - $10
      Super Smash TV - $50
      Super Tennis CIB - $30


      Chrono Trigger (Damaged Label) - $200
      Official Super Nintendo Controller - $20



      Wii - FS/FT/FO


      Monster Truck Madness (GBA) - $5

      Pocket Bomberman Instruction Manual - $4


      Official RF Adapter (New in Box) - $10
      Official Playstation Controller (non analog) - $10





      XBOX 360 - FS/FT/FO

      Batman: Arkham City (Sealed) - $20
      Duke Nukem Forever (Sealed) - $10
      Lost Planet 2 CIB - $10
      Tomb Raider Legend CIB - $10

      Prima's Secrets of the Game: Super Mario World Game Secrets - $10
      Top Secret Passwords Player's Guide - $10

      Nintendo Powers:

      November/December 1988
      March/April 1990
      May/June 1990
      Volume 27
      Volume 46
      Volume 51
      Volume 44
      Volume 75
      Volume 106
      Volume 108
      Volume 111
      Volume 112
      Volume 113
      Volume 116
      Volume 117
      Volume 118
      Volume 119
      Volume 120
      Volume 121
      Volume 122
      Volume 123
      Volume 124
      Volume 125
      Volume 126
      Volume 127
      Volume 128
      Volume 129
      Volume 158
    • By matthughson
      Turn-Based Puzzle Platformer (e.g. Fire n' Ice, Catrap, etc)
      Technical Details:
      Targets Mapper 1 (MMC1). 128KB PRG-ROM (16KB Bank Swapping) + 128KB CHR-ROM (4KB CHR Window). Written in C (CC65) using NESLib and NESDoug/cppchris' MMC1 Helper libraries. Famitone5 sound engine (also by nesdoug). Status:
      Feature complete! Bug fixing and designing physical materials (box, manual, etc).
      Beta now open!
      Estimated release date: Late 2021.
      Planned Features:
      100+ Levels New puzzle mechanics every 5-10 levels Battery Save Rich, interactive story telling Rewind ability, to undo previous moves without restarting the entire puzzle Art by Kenneth Fejer, Daniel Turner (Alp317) and Haller Zoltan (Zolionline) Music by Tui Physical Cart Plans:
      My plan is to release a full CIB version of Witch n' Wiz through one of the major NES publishers if possible. Unlike my last game, From Below, this will not be limited (although there may be limited editions).
      Development Screenshots:

      Compo Version:
      Witch n' Wiz was submitted as part of the 2020/21 NESDev Competition, and came in 2nd place. That build of the game can still be downloaded and played on itch:
      You can read all about the development of that version in the compo thread here:
      Social Media:
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/matthughson
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2788404591447894
      Discord: https://discord.gg/DenmA4ssPY
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