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The Gameboy Collectors cult continues to the Sage!
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  2. You mean the -1 revision? Or is there an early copy with a different rom, and all others have an "A" rom. I'm not near my copy so I can't check.
  3. Good day all, My intro, Started around the down of GB but had to move a few time and during those times i lost all but one cart. so i restarted in 2012. Now to date i have just under 1400 og carts games. Current goal is for an international set. My holly grail is the KOR GB games not a full set but for now its full. Second is the HKG or maybe the CHN - only HKG. i think the hardest set to date is the GIG. and the holly grail on my list it the Lock 'N Chase v1. i currently have that listed at rarity 20 the highest bestowed on any one game ever. (and i have been looking for one for a about 8 years.) Hope to get some good contacts and see where we go from here.
  4. Nice. I started collecting in mid-2016. Honestly, I'm not sure why I did. I was a born collector but when I went to college I sold all of that stuff and when I was married, we didn't have a lot of space, so I kept my game collection pretty limited. But, in 2016, something changed. I decided to "full set" something and without much thought, I landed on the Game Boy. My general reasons was that I LOVED it as a kid. It was also an older console (as in, it started in the 80s) and I felt that the Game Boy is by far the most important handheld from a historical perspective. I also owned a Game Gear as a kid and considered collecting for it (and I am now) but the Game Boy just felt right. Anyway, I'm almost to the end with only 14 games remaining to complete the set! I stick with mostly "great" condition carts, and when I'm done, I'm going to work my way up, replacing the lesser conditioned items, as well as looking for all US variants. Most are in good shape, though, so I'm happy.
  5. Figured our club is small enough we could do intros if people are up for it. I'll start. I live in an NYC apt, and I've been collecting games for less than 3 years. I started pretty haphazardly and was collecting mostly loose games from a wide variety of systems. Even from the beginning I knew that as an apt dweller, that handheld collecting was probably going to be easier. Pretty early on though I started focusing on GameBoy Advance, because the GBA SP was the first Nintendo system I owned, and really the first Nintendo handheld that I felt was worth a damn. (I know I'm wrong, as there are great games on the GB/GBC, but when I was younger I owned Game Gear and Lynx, because I felt bright color screens were important for enjoyment.) The GBA SP was the first handheld that really ticked all the boxes for me of great screen, nice form factor and decent battery life. It was also the first Nintendo handheld with a rechargeable battery, which at the time was a greatly appreciated change. I mentioned this in another post, but my journey has now evolved to the point where I want to collect a full boxed GBA set in the best condition I can, and would eventually like to upgrade it to a full MINT condition set. Although I plan to get all GBA Video and eReader titles, I don't personally consider them part of the main set. I also am going for the full NFR set. I'm also have a decent collection of loose GB/GBC, but it's not a focus and I don't have any particular goals. Same (to a lesser extent) for interesting CIB and sealed GB/GBC games. For example, I will probably go for all the Pokemon and Zelda games. (GBC and GB are more like acquisitions of opportunity. If I see a nice lot, or someone offers me something nice, I'll probably add it to my collection.) I had a thought that I would focus on collecting GB/GBC once I finished GBA collecting, but with my new goals of having a complete MINT set, I don't think finishing is in the cards. (I guess if I ever hit a wall, maybe I can revisit my goals.)
  6. That's very cool. I have a very small collection of actual handhelds. However, I have recently decided that it's a reasonable life goal to acquire a complete Mint GBA US retail set. (Talking 900+ games all graded at 95.) I'm actually decades away from even being close to such a feat, but I could see completing the set (ignoring condition) within 5 years. Note, I am talking all three subsets: games, e-reader cards and gba video.
  7. While NA seemed to be dedicated to NES, SNES, and well, any other home console, I thought it would be appropriate to have an area just for those of us who collect handhelds. While we wait to see how this Club develops, here's a picture of my Disney GBASP

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