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  1. They want their money. They know they're behind but they wont spend more to get more people nor cut people a break that they're behind on and upgrade them for free. Its all literally a money business and not about customer satisfaction.
  2. BIG OOOOOOFFFF Glad I sent mine in when I did.
  3. No need to be sorry @Magus! You've been awesome and very helpful when you didn't even have to. You are appreciated here!
  4. Update Edit: today (8-31) Order shows complete. Had not received tracking info yet.
  5. Edit: today (8-12) pre grading photos have been uploaded. Keeping this up to date for anyone wondering if they’re behind.
  6. I did the same thing. I watched the countdown and was going to order when it went live. Added to the cart, then saw the shipping price. "Uh let me check some games..... Nah im good"
  7. My money is on Trump. The debate should prove comedy gold.
  8. Calan87

    NWC #103

    Well, if I was a player in this, I would most definitely want to know what type of person im dealing with especially considering what this is.
  9. Calan87

    NWC #103

    phew shit, its getting hot in here guys
  10. I honestly never played this one with 4 players. In all other modes (most we've had is 2) its normal. Its really a great game, especially for couples. A while back I asked about games for a couple, and I would say this is a number 1 choice!
  11. Honestly, I got to work this morning only to want to go back home and play lol.
  12. cant tell you how many times my son had to come revive yesterday.
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