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  1. I received these two complete excellent condition Castlevania PS2 games! I've never played either of them before so they're the perfect gift. Thanks Secret Santa!!!
  2. I know this game isn't all that valuable normally, but I have a specially marked Limited Edition with official Spy Hunter theme single by the band Saliva on second disc. I'm trying to determine value but am lost since I can't find other copies of this and don't know how many were produced? Album disc is marked "for promotional use only" so maybe this was given out at a convention or is a review copy? Anyway mine is complete, and the music disc is like new but the game disc is scratched. I'm considering having my local resale shop run the game disc thru his Elm resurfacer.
  3. I'm late to the thread, but I use collection lists over at RFGeneration. Maybe you could share or mirror their data?
  4. Minimum $10 purchase since prices include shipping.-- Official White Memory Card 1019 $15-- King Arthur (disc only, good) $5-- The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker -- Player's Choice (Complete, excellent) $40-- Need for Speed Underground (Complete, very good) $5-- Power Rangers Dino Thunder (Complete, very good. UPC cut from cover of manual.) $5-- Sonic Mega Collection -- Player's Choice (Box, insert, disc, no manual. Disc has many scratches but worked when tested.) $5-- Tonka Rescue Patrol (Complete, fair) $5I may have a 3rd party controller available soon. I didn't add it above since it has s
  5. I just purchased 9 more games for SFC. I'll update when those come in the mail. I purchased from https://www.goatstore.com/ which is owned/operated by the organizers of Midwest Gaming Classic.
  6. I'll take Twitch Plays Pokemon if still available.
  7. I'm in the process of throughly cleaning a silver gamecube to resell online and noticed it has this. Silver system with 1 silver official matching controller, standard composite av cable, official ac adapter.
  8. Think pinball, but instead of shooting one ball you're using a metal stick to bat as many balls as you can up into the game.
  9. Yes, I pulled the rest off the stock number on the disc and added it!
  10. My first Pachinko title was for Gameboy, but I recently bought a Analogue Super NT and plan on buying a Sega SG eventually. I'm really surprised they never ported these to the US.
  11. I had only planned on Super Famicom and Famicom, but if you have any to contribute (or anyone else reading) post and I'll add it to the list. It can span as many systems as we can find data on. I bought a few off eBay recently so I'm updating again in a moment.
  12. Sorry for the late post, this is the first Secret Santa I've participated in that didn't want reveals until Christmas day. I received the following awesome gifts. I wanted to play both Switch games so that was great. I also collect gaming books so even better. That joystick is squishy stress toy. Thanks Santa!
  13. I own a real Pachinko machine and like the game enough that I want to obtain pachinko and pachislot variant video games. Personally I own systems capable of playing Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Super Nintendo Super Famicom, NES, PS4, Switch. I’ve been looking through console lists from rfgeneration’s website but because I can’t read Japanese I’m sure I’ll overlook a bunch. I’ll update here as I find more. Nintendo 64 (Japan) Heiwa Pachinko World 64 Pachinko 365 Nichi Parlor! Pro 64 Nintendo Game Boy (Japan) Onigashima Pachinko-Ten
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