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  1. Back with some more pawn shop hauls! Paid US$38 for this lot, which I’m really happy about: Then I snagged some $5 games at another shop: paid up a bit for these next ones but I’ve been looking for that Castlevania collection (flipping one of the Tales games to recoup some cost): Finally, I happened to be near an EB Games (Gamestop) and scored on some 3DS titles!! Paid between 50 cents and $7 for each title. Super pumped about Nano Assault — now if only I could find a case!!
  2. I've been working on a list of PS3 games that are collections, compilations, trilogies, dual/triple packs, or somehow have more than one game on the disc. Please let me know if anything is missing and I will add it to the list! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yUl3ifLZD-HovkaDaAsZFs7oEJ6s8xGOy1QKdXyN4rg/edit#gid=0
  3. Grabbed some PS2 uncommons yesterday. Paid up a bit for them but still got a good deal! Today, I scored a load of PS3 games for pennies on the dollar. $1 a piece. Particularly excited about adding WET to the collection, and a couple more compilation games too!
  4. Paid up a bit for this one ($200, with Folklore PS3 not pictured as well). Since I was already in the area, I hit up a couple pawn shops. $40 for the below and $55 for the second lot. Super pleased to add more ps3 collection games to the collection-collection!
  5. Decided to start sharing some of my game pickups. Starting off with an early morning FB deal for $100 CAD ($80 USD)!
  6. This week I am sharing my collection of Sachen games for the Game Boy. It is incomplete but I am really happy to have A-Force (a shmup) CIB! Also for anybody interested, here is a full set list of Sachen Game Boy games: -The 9 monochrome Game Boy 4 in 1 packs-The 9 rereleased Game Boy Color 4 in 1 packs-The 4 8 in 1 HES cartridges-The 31-in 1 HES cartridge-The two 16 in 1 game cartridges-The six single Game Boy Color releases (Beast Fighter, Jurassic Boy 2, Street Hero, 2002 Gedou Zhanlue, Rocman X, and Thunder Blast Man* Source: https://fcgamer.wordpress.com/2014/06/02/exp
  7. Thanks all! Next week I will post my Sachen collection
  8. @Strange They were a UK developer, but I believe they were sold both in the UK and in America. My source: http://www.nesworld.com/article.php?system=gbx&data=gbc-rocketgames
  9. Hi all, Thought I'd share my collection of Rocket Games titles. I believe that these are all of the games that they made (although not all of the variants, as they produced individual game carts and 2-in-1 game carts for most of their games). I also have this "Smart COM" that has the same shell of an RG cart, but I'm not sure if It's actually made by Rocket Games.
  10. @MiamiSlice @JVOSS My pleasure! Didn't piece it together or buy new - got it from a friend's grandfather who had originally bought it.
  11. Hi there! I checked my boxed copy of King James Bible, and it has a manual, and an extra label sticker. I also append the manual for NIV Bible & the Twenty Lost Levels of Joshua. Hope this helps!
  12. loopie

    WTB GB Games

    Hi! I have an extra Sachen 4 in 1 4B-005 if you're interested.
  13. Thanks @RH. I cracked it open for science -- looks like you were right. Mystery solved! Thank you
  14. Hi all, I recently acquired from a friend a copy of 4-in-1 Fun Pak (DMG-F4-USA) that came with the manual, except the cartridge is completely yellow. I have never seen this before and can't find anything about it online. My friend told me that it was a rare variant, but doesn't have more info either. The cartridge itself looks pretty legit (it doesn't say 'GAME' like most bootlegs), the plastic feels exactly like a gray cart and there is the typical 'Made in Japan' and 'Pat. Pend' on its backside (hard to see on the pic). The only thing is that there is a sticker on the back that prevents one
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