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We all love our wacky reaction gifs. Isn't The Office (US version) SO funny!?!?   Was that The Office? I don't know I haven't seen it.   Anyway. We've added the ability t

Isn’t that how you turn it on?

I know. 😠

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    • By Gloves
      Hey all!
      Work has been done and numbers have been very roughly crunched and some updates have been made.
      First off, we're always looking for ways to give back to the folks who give... back... Yeah. So I'll start with the subscriber benefits.
      Each tier of subscriber (there are 4) will now get progressively more total storage, and post size cap. As follows:
      Tier 1 ($5/month, or $60/year) 500mb total 10mb available per post Tier 2 ($10/month) 1gb total 10mb per post Tier 3 ($20/month) 2gb total 15mb per post Tier 4 ($50/mth) 5gb 20mb per post If you'd like to become a subscriber yourself, you can do so here: https://www.videogamesage.com/subscriptions/
      Everyone else
      Everyone on the site has been bumped up to 200mb total limit for file attachments as a base. You all will have a 5mb cap per post.
      In general, this is easily mitigated by some general good internet practices - instead of uploading an image to VGS you can always just copy-paste the link to an image (or any media really), and it will automatically embed the image. As long as you're not manually uploading, you're not using your space up. IMGUR is a decent site for hosting images - you get unlimited space on there.
      But I need more!
      Hey man, if you need more just reach out. We can talk about why you need more and figure something out. Not everyone can sub and that's understandable. If you CAN sub, it will help keep the site going. 
      As time goes on, these numbers may change. They are what seems reasonable right now. In a month, or a year, we may find that it's not enough. The solutions we provide to keep the place alive are an ongoing discussion and as much as possible we want the floor open to you all, the folks using the site. Realistically if the numbers are too low, we'll just bump it up for everyone.
      If you all hate ads (same, bro), you'll never see ads on the site (unless we're having a laugh for fun). Tell us what YOU want, and we'll do what we can, always. 
      We're doin' good
      Something that I don't think enough sites share is just how they doin'. This is YOUR site, so you shouldn't have to worry about it if there's nothing to worry about, so hey, how we doin'? Well first off, we're saying "doin'" far too much in this paragraph, so I will stop now. Beyond that, things are good. You can all thank the subscribers who are putting in enough to keep this place going, it really means a lot to all of us. If you see a user with a coin charm (little Mario coin site award), maybe consider giving them a virtual high five.
      The site's not in danger of disappearing, in fact we're growing quite nicely. New users come in pretty regularly, and some of 'em even stick around.
      Could we use more subscribers? Always, of course - the more in the coffers the more we can do to build this place up. More money means more flexibility to take on ventures like merch, homebrews, prizes for site contests, stuff like that. We'd love to be a place that gives back to the gaming community so if you have any ideas of how we can have a positive impact, always feel free to share.
    • By Gloves
      Hey all!
      Long story short, it's as I expected - open the flood gates and unfortunately it will cost ye. Upping the file size limits and allowing users to just upload anything they want is on the brink of increasing the cost of running the site long-term.
      In order to nip it in the bud, there's going to be some changes to file uploads, including but not limited to the following:
      Max file size per post will be reduced Max files per account will be reduced You will be able to delete your files Only images will be allowed to be uploaded This will be it for now, but note that other similar sites tend to have even stricter policies - another forum I (used to) frequent doesn't actually allow uploads of any sort, you have to use IMGUR and the like. We MAY have to resort to that in the future, but for now I'm working to try and avoid that.
      THAT SAID - if you CAN use IMGUR to host your images and link to them instead of uploading here on VGS, that DOES help for the long term.
      Any questions feel free to ask!
      UPDATE: Files are currently being moved to a new storage system. If you notice some images not loading, give it time as there is a lot getting moved.
    • By Gloves
      After collecting some feedback from people, we've added a new feature to the Classifieds/Market section of the site!
      Now, whenever you create a Classified, the system will automagically create a topic in the appropriate section of the forum AS WELL, and the two will be linked together. 
      With this update you will get more eyes on your listings with using the Classifieds system, as people will see it in their activity streams in the case that they have it filtered to only show the latest posts (or anything like that). The thread that is automatically created will have the same basic info as the listing, and a link to it so people can check out the photos etc..
      FURTHER! The system will also automatically add to the beginning of your thread title an appropriate tag: [FS/O/T] or [WTB]. So don't worry about adding those to your listing, we do it for you! 
      Please consider the automatic threads as REAL threads, feel free to post in them, bump them if you like to do so manually, etc.. The only thing I'd ask is that you not manually create any duplicates. We'd like people to continue to stick to one active thread at a time, per category. 
      Any questions or further feedback let us know!
      Example Activity Stream now:

    • By Gloves
      Today we're announcing the release of two new systems to make transacting with others on VGS even more enjoyable:
      Classifieds and Feedback!
      In a nutshell, Classifieds gives you a new marketplace style section of the site to buy, sell, and trade for video games, related items, and other collectibles. Same idea as the existing subforums, but in more of a marketplace kind of style. Note that we're going to continue to support the subforum as a method of making deals with each other, and leave it up to you to use the system that feels right for you personally. That said, I think you'll like the new system and the tools it brings to the table.
      For more info on Classifieds, check out the guide here: Classifieds
      Feedback is tied into Classifieds, but is not reliant upon it. In other words, you can leave feedback for other users of the site based on a transaction that comes out of a Classifieds listing, OR you can leave feedback for many other things on the site. If you prefer to use the BST subforum for your transactions, you can simply leave feedback after a transaction by visiting a user's profile and clicking on "Add Feedback" and referencing the sale/trade thread for the transaction. 
      Similarly, you can even leave feedback for non-monetary transactions. As long as it's "transactional" it can be counted; one example would be if you're making a homebrew and you hire an artist to do concept art for your game. More info is available on restrictions in the guidelines at the link below.
      We ask that you not abuse the system and should note that it will be monitored. Just use it within reason. Piling on positive feedback to a person so they look legit will not go well, nor will negative review bombing a user because you don't like them. Just use it sensibly and I think we'll be fine; you an always ask a staff member if you're not sure.
      For more info on Feedback, check out the guide here: Feedback
      That's all for today! Feel free to ask any questions in this thread, but make sure you've read the guidelines before doing so to save us answering the same questions over again, please and thanks.
    • By Gloves
      Hey all! Making a thread for public announcements regarding maintenance downtime. Sometimes we will have to temporarily take the site down to do upgrades, and when that happens we want you to know ahead of time.
      The thread is locked as it is purely for informational purposes, and any conversation will muddy the waters. If you have concerns about an update feel free to PM an admin or mod!
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