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  1. Will figure out when to start this but want everyone's input as well
  2. I think we can all do without 25 scratched up call of duty disks and torn manuals lol
  3. I believe someone put a huge ass magnet in with a game boy or some other hand held and it was destroyed. I don’t remember small ones being an issue.
  4. Would you be able to commit to being sideways as well? Asking for a friend.....
  5. Since the last two went off without an issue, I would like to see if anyone is interested in starting this up again with a bit more laid back time lines and what's included in the box itself. This time the box will not end with me. If anyone is interested please reply here. Also, if you have any suggestions please let me know. I know the last two were enjoyed by a lot of people. Also, NO END BEEF THIS TIME! haha
  6. Mae247

    MAE247 for sale

    I dont know about paypal as of the moment, i believe they will later this year Yes i will do both
  7. It’s that time of year again to get Everything started
  8. I watched it when It was on regular tv on A&E. I watched the first 2 seasons but after that kind of gave up on it because it just got to be a little much. By the way nice Cole trickle photo
  9. THANKS to everyone who has participated this go round!!
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