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  1. What're you guys thanking me for? Even though I work on some homebrew projects, I had no involvement on this game. lol I just bought it because of the support and also it's something right up my alley.
  2. Got mine in! I gotta say, beautiful presentation on this. I'm a sucker for titles with alliteration, but I'm even a bigger sucker for craftsmanship. You guys did a tremendous job! Missed out on Haradius Zero (If there's ever a second batch, I'd love to join in if I could), but I might even go for the special offer that comes with GGGG (Not sure if I should say what it is, but if anyone's curious, buy GGGG! lol) Since a few people're havin' trouble finding the storefront, for future reference just go to the top of the page, click "Merch & Subscriptions" then "Store" (Mobile users, click on the icon on the top right with the three bars to navigate) Enough ramblin'. Here's some pics:
  3. I fomo so bad that I buy things while at work when I'm not supposed to.
  4. Glad the modchip made it's safe over there in your neck of the woods! :D
  5. Hajimemashite! I've learned a small amount of Japanese back in high school 20-something odd years ago, not as an elective or anything, but just for shits n' giggles. Most of my studies came from library books. ( Because internet wasn't the same in the "before Dreamcast" days? lol) I'm not fluent by any means, (I'm still very amateur) but I now study it every now and then in my off-time. Mainly due to life, work and other distractions taking over most of my attention, it's very difficult to maintain. But I still do love studying it. I've forgotten how to read it, and mostly stick to the verbal aspect of it. So far I can ask where something is, show where something is at, name certain objects, and identify various certain onomatopoeia. Maybe very small greetings and stuff. My only advice, study anything and everything. Download tons of apps, read books, talk to people who are fluent, find many dialects, etc... I don't think there's a right or wrong way since everyone takes in learning differently, but eventually you'll find something. A kind of related, but unrelated protip: If video games are your thing, and you're into imports, and there's a game you'd like to play, but don't know the language? Just Download the google Google Translate app. It's much better than the web-based translate. There's an OCR camera viewer on it that translates text in real time. I usually slap my phone into a tripod, point it at the screen, and let it do it's thing. It's not perfect, but it'll give you an idea what's going on somewhat. lol I'm sure outside of that, there'd be other uses for a OCR reader, so have fun with that.
  6. Nice. Despite all the bugs and stuff it still may have, I'll probably see myself still enjoying this game.
  7. So, I hear that PS4 Cyberpunk is coming back to the PlayStation store in about a week?
  8. I've got a new sealed refurb New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii in my storage. It comes in a white case instead of red.
  9. Sorry to hear about your loss, Estil.
  10. 10/10. 11/10 if there were such a thing. Love this console more than any other. Unpopular opinion: Saturn Doom isn't as bad as most people say it is. Of course, this is coming from a guy who thinks Starfox on SNES still holds up. I'm just a complete wacko. lol
  11. I'll have to look when I get home. It's sitting on my HDD somewhere. I'll definitely share!
  12. I doodle n' stuff. Make art for friends, cover art for video games, that sort of stuff. My style consists of a very anime inspired background, but with very eye-bleeding bright contrasting colors. I'm also very experimental and self-taught. This one is cover art to a video game I'm making that I still haven't made a good dent on creating in the past 8 years. Still workin' on it though: My version of Bowsette: Couple of bunny girls. I drew one when I was a kid, and the other many decades later. Can YOU tell which is the one I drew a long time ago? :V Commission art for a friend during national spooky day: Art asset from my game if you can believe it: I used to challenge myself to "edit out" all the text and logos from various video game box art. NES sticker label I made for Second Dimension: Pirate girl. Eggman. Note the fuzzy dice. Very important detail.
  13. I use a Nakitek game saver + for my sfc games. I use it more as an adapter than a save-state device.
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