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  1. There have been a bunch of graded Clu Clu Land prototypes show up on eBay lately. Given that the game was released in 1984/1985, about 3 years before Nintendo started using 3 screw carts, I'm wondering why most of these prototypes are in 3 screw carts?
  2. Dropped inputs on the A button of my AVS controller have been a problem for a year or so, but lately it's gotten out of control, and the controller is basically useless now. Took maybe 500 hours for that controller to break down. Sucks that there's no way to fix it once a button goes bad. With an OEM controller, you just open it up and clean the pads and the contacts and it's good as new, but each button is its own little machine on these AVS controllers. Anybody else had this problem?
  3. Nah Kid Icarus Uprising was awesome. My favorite 3DS game. Mine would be the story mode of Ninja Gaiden II. The higher difficulties aren't balanced and are a chore to get through without using strats that are repetitive, boring, or feel like cheating. Zelda final bosses across the entire history of the series in general, but especially Demise and Calamity Ganon. Demise was the ultimate big bad behind Ganon, but he goes down so easily. And the way the four champions help Link at the end of BotW was unsatisfying. I didn't want the reward for helping the four champions to be giving me four fewer bosses and a halved final boss life meter. I thought that was kind of uncreative. And then you just ride your horse around a big pig that is no threat to you at all and shoot a few targets and the game is over. That's all I can think of right now.
  4. I know the NT just had one run, but how many for the Mini?
  5. I've realized over the past couple of generations I like the Xbox controller and Xbox ecosystem the most out of the three and since it got Gamepass and backwards compatibility, I've been playing on Xbox way more than the other two.
  6. More and more of these are showing up on eBay lately. I snagged the first one I saw last month. Not including Brink's, there have been at least four in the last couple months, all with different combinations of labels, interestingly. One with a USA/CAN English/French back label like Brink's, one with a standard USA back label with a 24 two digit embossed code (mine), one with a Playtronic front label, and this one has a purple USA front label and a Playtronic Portuguese back label.
  7. Time Left: 5 days and 9 minutes

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    Thanks for checking my listing! The Samurai was the Indian version of the NES. Super Mario Bros. came in a white version, as in the main picture, as well as a black version, like the Donkey Kong Jr. cart in the second picture. I'm looking for the black version. I collect versions of this game from around the world, and the black Samurai is one of the last ones I have to get.


  8. The latest one is Red Dead 2. The movement doesn't feel good and the touchy wanted system punishes you for playing the game. Then you have to do chores. Game's tedious.
  9. That's the thing to do in my experience. It's tempting to respond to lowballs, but I've found it's best to just ignore them.
  10. Even if you say you don't accept returns, if a product arrives damaged or non-functional, you have to accept returns according to eBay's guidelines. This puts NES games with 30 year old save batteries in a tricky gray area, and buyers have a lot of leeway to not be satisfied. I'm going to talk to ebay on the phone sometime soon, but will probably eventually bite the bullet and accept the return and all that goes with that.
  11. I'm going down big time. I sold 6 lots of 26-44 NES games each to a Canadian buyer for a couple thousand dollars total and shipped them in flat rate priority boxes. You can probably already see where this is going. Rookie mistake. I make sure every game I sell is functional by getting them to at least the title screen on my NES and then selling them as TESTED. Another mistake, probably. Canadian buyer now says 18 of the 190 games he bought from me don't work properly, and he's demanding a full refund and return shipping. Shipping them to Canada only cost me $19 tops because of the Global Shipping Program and the flat rate boxes. On the way back from Canada, I would guess these boxes are going to cost up to $50 each plus import fees. I offered to refund him the cost of one of the 26-game lots he bought but I doubt he'll go for that. He wants me to suffer, because... When the auctions were live, he sent me a message offering an absurd amount for one of the lots. I ignored him because the offer was double what I thought it was worth, and I thought he was a scammer. I should have blocked him then, but I didn't. He then wins six of my auctions, but he doesn't pay for over a week. I sent him a message after 3 days reminding him to pay, and he responded saying that eBay was requiring him to pay for all 6 at a time, and he didn't have enough money right now. He said he would have the money on Sunday, 9 days after the auction ended. I didn't trust this guy, so after 5 days had passed without payment, which was already by far the longest I had ever waited for a payment, I filed non-payment claims on all 6 lots. The claims set the payment deadline to Monday, a day after he said he would pay. He did pay on Sunday, and afterward he sent me a message saying that it was "rude" of me to file the non-payment claims, and I responded by explaining the reasons I had to be suspicious and told him that was the longest I had ever waited for a payment. I thought I was polite as possible in that message, but maybe not. So now he wants to return all six lots because 18 of the 190 games don't work properly. Either he can't get them to load, or they stall during gameplay, or the save battery doesn't work. I was able to get every game to load to the title screen, but I didn't extensively play test them or check to see if the save battery worked. I listed them as TESTED, but didn't explain what that meant. Now I don't know how to handle my auctions going forward. I still have several hundred games to sell, and I don't know how to do that. I think it's clear that I either have to start extensively play testing and checking save batteries on every game or list them all as untested and stop shipping to Canada, but I don't know if I want to do that on eBay. I would be curious to hear what people think, honestly, about any of this. About how I did, about the buyer, about eBay or how I should list games going forward. Don't hold back if you're critical of how I handled any of this, I want to learn.
  12. I have a Gotcha non-rev a box available if anyone's interested And @_Brink_ I have a white bullets MTPO 5 screw too. Don't think it's a refurb but it is curious that there are 3 different kinds of MTPO 5 screws I have seen online. White bullets, orange bullets no code, and orange bullets with code.
  13. Great buyer, easy transaction with great communication. Would do business with again, thank you!
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