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  1. Are Armorines and JM Supercross 2000 Dev carts available??
  2. BUMP! Newly discovered variant of WCW Backstage Assault sealed Mini-Guide added and crossed off the list!
  3. Then the only thing I will change is that there are only 2 known to exists CIB. Cart only still doesn't change anything from a fully cib library, and CIB is far more valuable than just a cart.
  4. Yeah, except they haven't. I still haven't seen any photos other than the second one from Braveheart which is what I am referring to on my eBay page. The other guy showed me a picture of a sold listing (with no picture of the game) which said Famicom on the title of the listing, when these are not Famicom carts. Then he, of course, says it's in storage and that I have to take his word for it. Not buying it. Show me pictures. Then I'll change it. And it needs to be CIB with manual. I'm not being dishonest or scamming anyone. You should probably be more careful with your words and try and be a l
  5. Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on this site for a while. I came up with the price because one lot of just the 66 games with the most common purple variant of Huge Insect sold for 10k. It's near impossible to have all 4 variants, Padillon Gais, and the entire set at once and my variant of Thunder Blast Man as well. I only know of 1 other guy who has the same set as me, and he said he'd sell it more than what I'm asking. I have never seen another Padillon Gais pop up on NA or elsewhere. I would like to see pictures of the two you have and of course aren't Famicom carts either because t
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