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  1. Goldeneye with Mario characters is actually the only hack I've ever bought on cart to this day! Was well worth the nostalgia flashback to try out.
  2. There were plenty of people who made absolutely life changing amounts of money, my gains were much more modest. Also only have to pay 15% gains since I held for more than a year plus but yeah, it worked out for most part. Bought some PFE today with some profits, not sure what else I want to buy. Of JNJ, PFE and MRNA, the main coronavirus vaccine makers, I like the PFE fundamentals and chart the best. In at $36.xx today and I see 2021 potential in the mid $40s. I assumed the vaccine would already be priced into the stock, but shockingly it looks like it has plenty of room to run.
  3. I know, 2 years too early. I exited 250 more shares at $34.50 and only holding 250 now for the final ride. Can't believe how much it blew up today, almost fully out of my position now. Of course I did that with ETSY a few years back, had $10ish shares that I exited around $20 and it was a very small position. Think that one is around $180 now...
  4. Well I bailed on 380 shares at $29 an hour ago but wondering if I should dump the rest around $35 right now. As I mentioned, one thing I've learned is that hype knows no bounds. Predicting a top of something once hype kicks in is impossible.
  5. Gamestop $28 and running, holy smokes. Glad I'm still holding a bunch, will look to take some profits perhaps.
  6. I'm not a big fundamental guy. I just know that within the Pizza to go market, Papa Johns is going to take some market share with the stuffed crust offering. Maybe it's temporary or maybe its semi-permanent but either way it's going to boost some visibility to the company. With COVID still lingering around and eating out being obsolete at the moment as well, I just find PZZA to be a very solid low risk play. I'd be more worried about a total stock market correction that brings down most of everything across the board than a P/E value on this one.
  7. PZZA has been on a tear since I called it out last week. My first shares were at $83.xx then I bought more at $88.xx after trying the stuffed crust last weekend (it was solid, would buy again). Wanted to get a bigger position but my buying opportunities may be gone, it's now at $95. My target on it was $100-$120 easily, maybe it will spike pass $100 and I can get a reentry there. Time will tell.
  8. I don't have any specific expansion goals really, other than finding any Mint Sealed / CIB games of interest that I come across. I do have a pruning goal, need to trim the collection a bit. Constant struggle of running out of room. I also don't want to pass down 3,000 games to my children when I go. I'm only turning 37 this year but I do want to refocus my collection a bit. Natural progressions of a collector!
  9. Streets of Rage 2 is a perfect button masher that keeps them engaged. My 4 and 6 year olds also loved watching me play through Zelda Link's Awakening on Switch. Oldest would play a lot of overworld parts but would get scared in the dungeons and turn it over to me! PS - I believe the NA thread that you referenced was started by me too. Time flies!
  10. Tough question for me, I'm more of a one and done guy and don't replay a ton. I really can't think of anything I've beaten more than 2 or 3 times.
  11. A couple of points that I thought were worth addressing. Too many to quote people: 1) Grade Variability I've seen games from both grading companies where I don't necessarily agree with the grade. But that's normal, grading is subjective and if you asked 10 experts to grade a game I doubt you'd get the same exact 10 answers. End of day, if you believe in a company, you do so because you find yourself agreeing with them "most of the time". Or, for some people who don't have the patience or experience to develop an eye, they just buy the grade, effectively agreeing 100% of the time
  12. Hey let me give you some real worthwhile advice if you want to read it. Another person cannot make you angry. You allow yourself to become angry and express anger in the way you see fit. Every human experiences anger and it is a normal emotion. You have to identify your triggers then consciously remove them when you are in a non-angered state of mind. The trigger here was you / your family's personal safety, and when the safety was in jeopardy, your body entered an angered state of mind. Fight or flight kicked in, and you verbally "fought" the battle in a way which you are a bit
  13. My new stock pick for you guys, PZZA, Papa John's. Started a position today. Personal Take: They just rolled out a stuffed crust pizza, and as a pizza fan, I'm excited. You didn't see this innovation under the prior owner, and we're a couple years removed from his fallout. Shaq has been on board and it's going to pay dividends at some point. Also, I remember thinking the same thing with Domino's when they changed their crust in 2017 with the new seasoning. It went from cardboard to worth eating surprisingly. Never took a position and that stock has gone bonkers, but market
  14. You can be both too. I like set collecting as ungraded CIBs. Then I also like a nice Mint graded CIB in general. The collector in me would keep the graded CIB and probably buy back a fill in ungraded CIB for the set. There's pros and cons of each. I didn't like CIB grading at first as the whole point of CIB was for the game to be playable (in my eyes). Yet I also realize I haven't played the vast majority of my collection and likely never will. So if I have something super Mint, then I may as well grade it. I also always thought the most beautiful part of a CIB was seeing it ph
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