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  1. What are people paying these days for a sealed pack?
  2. I had some one ask me how much the Ereader cards were and I honestly have no idea. Any help would be grateful.
  3. Right now mine is my minish cap adventure set
  4. I have started a Facebook group to talk just about comics based on video games. So far it seems to be a hit is that something you all might enjoy reading and learning about on here?
  5. I have own this chair for quite some time know and have learned that some consider this to be the creepy version with the teeth.
  6. So as a comic and game collector nostalgia takes the biggest part of this. Unfortunately the way the market is everyone that is a perfectionist has raised the value of them higher and higher needing the mint most perfect ones. For comics the grading concept is a great idea for older comics to help preserve them from deteriorating but grading new comics is pointless.(unless your only a reseller and have no love for the industry and prefers greed over the community) but most books should be read and enjoyed. The same goes to video games if a game is sealed or is a one of a kind prototype then gr
  7. Some GameStop are closing due to there revamp so I was luckily able to save these two bad boys from a horrible faith
  8. Zelda yellow test cart or the oracle of ages and seasons adventure kit.
  9. My Santa is still a surprise for me but you have out done yourself. Zelda has been my childhood favorite game ever since my father taught me how to play. So this gift hit it right out of the park. I will add these into my collection and keep them forever. The imports help out greatly since I have not started searching for them all yet. Thank you again Santa.
  10. I was looking forward to NA secret Santa this year so count me in for sure it’s great that the community comes together in this joyful time of year. List just sent.
  11. I bought this jacket from JCpenny it was 29.99 love this jacket almost as much as my olde school jacket bought at JCpenny as well for the same price it is just a throwback to the nes version.
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