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  1. If I were to design that game, it would be similar to a NES version of NFL Blitz but with 6 teams max.
  2. I like how you casually discussed something that is incredibly alarming!
  3. Wata's direct relationship with an auction house is where the controversy lies. They may not be "partnered" anymore- business to business- but they do have a monetary relationship as the people behind the businesses have money and stakes invested in both. They really need to be making moves to be as transparent as possible because this is really a big problem that will no doubt become more pronounced in the future if they do nothing about it. Just take a look at the whole "IMP" controversy they had to adjust their practices around!
  4. Lol I can't answer that because I don't plan to sell them any time soon!
  5. This bubble is going to burst when this practice begins to receive press coverage and buyer beware warnings as more buyers begin to realize what "third party grade" means and know that it's directly tied to the Wata brand. It will tarnish the value of every game graded by Wata. Maybe if they spent less time conducting a service of appraisal- which is not listed in any part of the services they provide, they wouldn't be backlogged with so many orders.
  6. It's designed to charge you more. Again, they refused to grade a game I submitted because I didn't declare the value was high enough, despite no evidence of a previous sales price to back up their claim. I challenged them on this and they said they wouldn't grade it if I didn't pay what THEY said the game was worth. I didn't have a choice to haggle. They would've shipped it back ungraded...and that is my issuw- because they WILL grade and ship resealed games!
  7. Exactly correct. If I say my game is worth X- that's what you insure it for. There are no sales records of many sealed games. Pulling a hypothetical number out of the ether because some person who works at Wata who knows the population of that game says "I'd pay 20k for that" is not a realistic measure because the game in question is not being sold, it's being subjected to a third party grading process. It's not being "appraised". Appraisals are different, and this is where the conflict with Wata lies because it seems they are appraising games by taking property that does not belong to them, i
  8. The whole racket of refusing to disclose populations of the items they grade and the value these items are selling for warrants real legal action and investigation into market manipulation and potential fraud. The fraud is even more pronounced in how they label resealed games as simply "third party seal". I've seen countless auctions now of people paying thousands for games they likely think are genuinely authentic but the authenticator- Wata, doesn't delineate that in a clear way on their own packaging. If you send a card to PSA that has been trimmed, has writing on it, or altered in any
  9. So this happened to me. I declared the value at $2,000 for a few games and they emailed after receiving them telling me how much THEY think my games were worth and then refused to grade them unless I paid up. I asked for pop reports as there were no prices for some of my games because they've never been sold before, nor seen on ebay/ha/any auction house ever. I knew that some of my sealed games were likely the only ones in existence because I've had search notifications on every auction site for over 20 years now (on ebay) looking to see if other sealed copies are indeed out there. Of course w
  10. It was recent- December 2020 The scuffs are likely to do with their supplier because all of their cases are prefabricated. But the styrofoam flakes are simply off-putting. Coincidentally, this is also an issue with card grading as well, they sometimes get encapsulated with tiny styrofoam flakes. STOP USING PACKING PEANUTS!
  11. I thumb my nose to "collector's editions" when it comes to sealed game collecting. I'd much rather have the first retail release. All the games coming out now, especially the big releases like Cyberpunk, have collector's edition versions that are marked up like $200 more because you get some junk in a fancy box with the game. Maybe there are some cool add ons with a few games, but I don't see the value in spending a hundred bucks more for godfall collector's edition on ps5.
  12. Uncharted because I heard the Nathan Drake character was originally supposed to be Tim Tebow.
  13. I encountered some encapsulation issues as well. The inside of a few of the cases I received had scuff marks and they also encapsulated the game with what looks like flakes of styrofoam. I'm sure I could send it back to them to have it fixed but why should I have to do that? It should've been done correctly the first time. I've been calling them my "wata snowglobes".
  14. Wata doesn't release any information in regard to population reports. With that said, may your journey continue to be curious!
  15. Lol either that's a regrade or you have 2 copies...I mean 2 copies is not unusual, 2 high grade sealed copies certainly is though!
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