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  1. Blazing Lazers is done. Wow, that was a difficult game that made me rage so many times towards the end. The difficulty increases level by level in a reasonable way, except for the final level, level 9. In order to beat level 9, you need to keep all your power-ups or else you’ll die. Again and again. In fact, when you die in Blazing Lazers, you restart with no power-ups and you are very vulnerable. It is nearly impossible to progress without the bonus attacks you can collect. A difficult game, but a very rewarding experience. It sometimes makes you feel like you are a poor player, and can be frustrating, but really, its difficulty is very legitimate. There are no broken mechanics: in fact, playing the game was an incredible experience. For 1989, the graphics look absolutely stunning and it is so, so ahead of its time it is not even funny.
  2. For Military Madness, the first ending should be OK, so I will count it for the moment. However, I would be interested to see what would be the ending after the second loop if you can achieve it. If it is a "true ending", then, we'll count beating the second loop as completing the game. In both cases, the game would be completed. Great progress on the three games!
  3. Splatterhouse is beaten. This is the game that made me buy a TurboGrafx-16 console at first. I was so curious to see how gruesome and shocking the game would be for its time, and honestly, while I understand it might be scary, even today, it is not THAT graphic. However, it is important to know that this game was released in 1990 on the TG-16. For its time, there is no denying how much this game had a major influence on mature games by introducing such horror and yes, violence, in a video game. While the gameplay of the game is not perfect (jumps can be clunky sometimes), it plays very well generally and it is a very fun gaming experience. The soundtrack plays a huge role to set the horrifying tone of the game. It does it very well. No music becomes too much repetitive and the songs fit with each stage/area they accompany. I will not spoil any information about the game's story, as some of you may not have played Splatterhouse, but this is the thing that kept the most my attention. There are some very unique and interesting twists in the game that keep you on the edge of your seat. I always wanted to progress in the game and see what will happen next. Splatterhouse is great, and honestly, absolutely a must-have for the TG-16.
  4. Air Zonk is now beaten. I highly recommend this game. Very dynamic gameplay with, honestly, an unforgettable soundtrack. I kept humming and whistling the themes of this game since I played it a few weeks ago. I decided to do a full playthrough yesterday and I got it. I played it on "sweet mode", the easiest mode, which gives you 5 lives at the start instead of 3 ("spicy mode") or 1 ("bitter mode"). The game has very colorful graphics with a lot of animation going on. However, one thing I was not particularly a fan of is some enemies and bosses themselves. I know, it's purely a Japanese thing to put weird things/objects as enemies in games, but sometimes it felt so random. I get that it is meant to be original/funny, but I would have liked the game to be more thematic sometimes. Still, this is not a huge complaint. I can say I loved Air Zonk and I will definitely play it on harder modes. Great exclusive and honestly a must-have for every TurboGrafx-16 owner.
  5. For the two Crush games, I'd consider getting 1 billion points the true ending. I know, I know, these games are very time-consuming. In fact, I'm currently playing Devil's Crush. I save my game once in a while when I'm at the top of my game (when I have many lives and I have many points). So far, I'm at 100 million points, so it's doable, only very long. Very good game, however, I just hate how luck plays a huge role in pinball. I'd be completely fine with Bloody Wolf beaten only one time. No need for a second and third playthroughs. Thanks for the useful information. I will update the main thread right now.
  6. Sure, as long as the game is the same with no content added/removed.
  7. Here is a thread in which we can express our passion for the magnificent TurboGrafx-16 console by completing its library. This thread is based on Splain's wonderful work on his numerous threads in the Site-run Events & Contests forums. Huge thanks to him for his templates and already written rules, which I edited for the TurboGrafx-16 library. Why the TurboGrafx-16? The TG-16 library is full of amazing games that need to be (re)discovered/played. Also, it is a small library (total of 94 NTSC-U/C games), so it's not an impossible feat. Right? Each game will be worth one point, so the points will be added up as "games completed" in the leaderboard. Feel free to comment as much as you'd like about the games you've completed (or not). Here are the rules: We're beating these games, starting now. All games must be started no earlier than the posting of this thread. (August 15th, 2021) There will be no "resets" at the end of the year; this is a focus on completing the entire library. Photos are not required but highly encouraged. Emulation is OK, but no cheat devices, cheat codes, looking up passwords, etc. Legitimate runs only. If you have questions about what constitutes "beating" a game, bring it up and we'll figure it out. (Typical requirements are to get an ending screen or credit roll, on the middle or default difficulty. Or beat the high score. Or win the tournament.) Some games are more obvious than others. Please respect these rules, but more importantly, have fun! Title Beaten By Notes/Requirements Aero Blasters Air Zonk RetroMichel Alien Crush Get 1 billion points. Andre Panza Kick Boxing Ballistix Battle Royale Blazing Lazers RetroMichel Bloody Wolf Bomberman Bomberman '93 Bonk's Adventure Red Bonk's Revenge Red Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure Boxyboy Bravoman Cadash Champions Forever Boxing Chase H.Q. Chew Man Fu China Warrior Red Cratermaze Cyber Core Darkwing Duck Red Davis Cup Tennis Dead Moon Deep Blue Devil's Crush Get 1 billion points. Double Dungeons Dragon Spirit Dragon's Curse Drop Off Dungeon Explorer Dungeons & Dragons: Order of the Griffon Falcon Fantasy Zone Final Lap Twin Galaga '90 Red Ghost Manor Gunboat Hit the Ice Impossamole Jack Nicklaus' Turbo Golf Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu J.J. & Jeff Keith Courage in Alpha Zones King of Casino Klax Legend of Hero Tonma Legendary Axe, The Legendary Axe II, The Magical Chase Military Madness Red Moto Roader Neutopia Neutopia II New Adventure Island Dr. Morbis Night Creatures Ninja Spirit Ordyne Pac-Land Parasol Stars Red Power Golf Psychosis Raiden R-Type Samurai Ghost Shockman Side Arms Hyper Dyne Silent Debuggers Sinistron Red Soldier Blade Somer Assault Red Sonic Spike Volleyball Space Harrier Splatterhouse RetroMichel Super Star Soldier Super Volleyball Takin' it to the Hoop Talespin Tiger Road Time Cruise Red Timeball Tricky Kick Turrican TV Sports Basketball TV Sports Football TV Sports Hockey Veigues Tactical Gladiator Victory Run Vigilante World Class Baseball World Court Tennis World Sports Competition Yo, Bro Leaderboard User # of games completed Red 10 RetroMichel 3 Dr. Morbis 1
  8. Hello there ! I would buy the following games if still available: Skies of Arcadia CIB Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness CIB Bomberman Online CIB Gauntlet Legends CIB
  9. OK guys, a game store in Québec happens to have a Turbo Duo (with box, cables and controller) for 648,45 USD. I negociated a 100 dollars reduction and he agreed, but he leaves me two days to decide if I take it or not. Your thoughts ? Is the CD library (PC Engine and Turbografx) worth it or I should just stay with my Turbografx-16 ?
  10. Huge thanks @Deadeye. Now looking for a US CD ROM attachment and the turbochip.
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