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Episode 2: Deadeus



GET THE PODCAST HERE: Homebrew Game Club Episode 2: Deadeus

The Game Club takes on handheld homebrew horror with Deadeus for the Game Boy, a great Halloween title we're talking about in January for some reason. Warning: Spoilers abound. The guys wrap up with a discussion of their favorite non-homebrew games of 2021. Got a different take? Share your experience with us at homebrewgameclub (at) gmail.com.

Play Deadeus here if you haven't already: https://izma.itch.io/deadeus

Break music: Day 2 Overworld Theme by Stoo Busby: https://stoobusby.bandcamp.com/track/urizen-falls-day-two-overworld-2

Bart Elfrink's short film Innards: https://vimeo.com/101396406

The next game club pick is Witch n' Wiz for the NES. Get it here: https://mhughson.itch.io/witch-n-wiz

Find social media links and more at http://www.homebrewgameclub.com

Edited by dvertov


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