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VGS club page for the Homebrew Game Club podcast.
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  2. I'm not sure how much I'm going to have time to post on this VGS club page on top of everything else we're doing for the podcast, but FYI we also have channels going for each game club pick on our Discord, where the conversation is hoppin' and you can join for yourself right here: https://discord.gg/MsaGY87kex
  3. The Homebrew Game Club is a podcast about new games for old consoles. We're three friends exploring brand-new, original, aftermarket games for retro systems, as well as the quirky communities that create them. We pick one game a month to play and talk about, on consoles ranging from the NES, Genesis, and Game Boy, to the ZX Spectrum, Atari 2600 and more. Check out our main forum post here, or go here to see our VGS blog. To find links to the podcast feed, Discord server, social media, and more, visit http://homebrewgameclub.com. If you're wondering "Who the hell are these guys?" feel free to listen to our Episode 0: Introductions episode, where the three of us talk about our experiences with video games and how they've been shaped by our backgrounds in the tech and media industries.
  4. Episode 5 will discuss Space Raft for the NES. Get the game here: https://raftronaut.itch.io/space-raft-nes Grab a CIB copy or play the game for free in your browser here: https://dustymedical.com/space-raft-nes/ For more discussion, join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/MsaGY87kex This episode is expected to post in late April, 2022.

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