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HBGC Interview: Francesco Bacchelli (Studio Loading)



GET THE EPISODE HERE: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/9zrci5Xpvzb

Nick talks to Francesco Bacchelli, the creative mind behind Game Boy developer Studio Loading. They discuss his inspirations, his approach to retro game development, and the positive aspects of working with a limited platform like the Game Boy. Hot on the heels of his first game Flying Arrows, Francesco is already moving forward with its sequel, Flying Arrows 2, and this time for a good cause: A portion of the funds raised for this game will go to help save Bologna Nerd, a retro gaming community center in Bologna, Italy.

Flying Arrows 2 Kickstarter (now live, ending May 30, 2023): ⁠https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/studioloading/flying-arrows-2-gameboy-game-save-bolognanerd⁠

Crowdfunding campaign to save Bologna Nerd: ⁠https://ko-fi.com/bolognanerd⁠

Seriously, check out this promotional video from Bologna Nerd, this place looks awesome: ⁠https://youtu.be/0pKpdmiCYng⁠

As always, find links to our social media and more at: ⁠http://homebrewgameclub.com

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