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Episode 1: Lizard



The Homebrew Game Club kicks off with enigmatic platformer Lizard for the NES, and contentious takes abound. Conor is perplexed by the soundtrack, Bart is scared and confused, and Nick wonders if his favorite homebrew game is an existential crisis simulator in disguise. Got a different take? Share your experience with us at homebrewgameclub (at) gmail.com.

GET THE PODCAST HERE: Homebrew Game Club Episode 1: Lizard

Get Lizard here: http://rainwarrior.ca/lizard/

The next game club pick is Deadeus for Game Boy. Check it out here: https://izma.itch.io/deadeus

2A03 Puritans on Bandcamp: https://bitpuritans.bandcamp.com/album/2a03-puritans

N64 Homebrew Game Jam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuOEStdYg-8

Don’t forget about our Witch n’ Wiz giveaway: https://mhughson.itch.io/witch-n-wiz

RetroUSB’s 8-Bit Xmas 2021: https://tinyurl.com/y26w36ht

GB Dev on Twitter: https://twitter.com/gbdev0


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