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Halloween bingo submissions thread!


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15 hours ago, Jeevan said:

Woo, caught up now, lol, thanks for sharing @LutherDestroysTheGond and congrats on the second kid!  @Avgn Gamer you had me shaking in my boots 😆 and i hate battle turds as well 😉  @JamesRobot if you get the skeleton post pics of you and him riding 😆


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Member · Posted

My Favorite Decoration:  Actual Baby Tyrannosaurus Skull !!

Holliday?   .........   for Hallo- what?




If you're wondering why it's not up, it hangs by a long invisible thread that also ties the jaw to the skull proper which I currently need to rethread... so it may have to spend the weekend comfortably seated on a Sp00000oooooky old piece of antique furniture...

Baby Tyranosaurus Skull.png

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Horror Movie Review:

Ghost in the Machine (1993)

Ghostinthemachine poster.jpg

I found this film in the depths of HBOMax, to my pleasant surprise it was actually pretty entertaining.  Some of the acting is a bit laughable, but the 90s vibe is strong and is quite amusing/enjoyable now.  I actually went into it thinking it was PG13 for some reason, but it's R, and I think that helped it age a bit better. It actually has some pretty creative horror/kill scenes and the movie doesn't waste much time at only about 90 mins.  Don't want to give away too much, but might be worth a watch especially if early 90s techno future/computer stuff interests you.  It's pretty fun.


Favorite Seasonal Drink:

A nice warm Spiced Apple Cider (homemade, whole cinnamon stick, orange zest, nutmeg, clove)


Spooky Drawing/Art

"The Blue Ghost | Sharedata Chiller " by nesmaster14


(it's about a mysterious NES release), spo00oky!

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added seasonal drink, added spooky art
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Here's my submission for Create a spooky video game character:  Hand drawn or sprite original character.



My son and I made the Pumpkinchaser.  It's one of those obnoxious enemies that roam around on platforms waiting for you to jump onto it just so it can knock you off.  I couldn't get the lines on the sprite to look right so I left them off, these kind of things always looked better in the manuals anyway.  We made a sprite for his version too, but the Piskel site froze up and we couldn't save it off.  It seems that his Pumpkinchaser is also a space alien.

My son redid his sprite:

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Events Team · Posted
4 minutes ago, NESfiend said:

My favorite fall drink. I buy a case of cans and put a cooler on the porch for thirsty parents of tricker-trearers, so it counts @Jeevan, ya stingy bastard 


Justin Timberlake What GIF

I believe this is your "year round" drink as you post about it quite often 😆

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