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Halloween bingo submissions thread!


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Woo, getting near time, i will be sleeping when it happens, but I will get it all done and over with tomorrow after work, and you all will know who the "winners" are, but we all know the real winners are all of you for the charm you will receive from @CasualCart 鉂わ笍聽 Rather, the one he made and the one I will hand out to you!聽 Anyway, keep it up and keep the submissions coming and I will mark them off as I double check and all that tonight/tomorrow!

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I watched "Hannibal" earlier this week since I recently read the book. 聽Overall it was good, not very good, but a decent flick as opposed to the "mind-blowing-even-better-than-silence" Film that it rightly deserved to be. 聽The book is fantastic with an ending that is uniquely shocking even if you manage to catch a good whiff of it beforehand. 聽As is often the case the folks producing obtained the rights to create something unforgettable and classic, but instead chose to alter, trim and outright omit as much as possible. 聽Here's a brief list of things I noticed to be different, lacking or gone entirely:


First and most obviously, No Jodie Foster; instead it's Juliane Moore who doesn't really fit the part, at least not like her predecessor did.

Lecter's History including the gruesome loss of his Sister is no where to be found

Lecter's taste for extravagance is barely touched upon, his love of super-charged Jaguars for instance is absent in spite of the fact that it was a part of the plot line in the book and one of many things that tied himself and Starling together eg. her Mustang which is barely mentioned.

Pazzi's History is glossed over and the deeper recesses of his motivations left out.

The Romani Woman (I forget her name) was left out.

Margo is completely absent from the story

Ardelia Mapp is completely absent.

Crawford is barely featured, I think I saw him briefly in one scene. 聽I think he even had a line.

Barney, an important and fascinating character is nearly missing, having only one brief scene in the intro in which he gives Verger the mask worn by Lecter, something he rather gave to Margo late in the book for a specific reason. 聽The only reason for giving it to Verger in the movie seems to be so that Verger can put it on for a few moments.

Verger is mobile. 聽In the book he's like a brain bent on revenge trapped in a mangled body, giving orders, buying influence, but always confined. 聽In the movie he's rolling around and far less sinister.

Caudell kills Verger by pushing him into the pig pit instead of Margo ramming a cattle prod up his keister in order to force expel his baby juice so she can produce an heir in order to obtain the family fortune followed by shoving Verger's pet eel into his mouth to eat his tongue etc.

Lecter gets the drop on Pazzi by using a rag presumably soaked in ether instead of the much more dramatic use of the sheet that he'd been projecting film slides onto.

Lecter's escape from Florence, first on the back of a motorcycle and then in his super-charged jaguar is absent. 聽The plane ride back to the U.S.A. that follows is absent along with any explanation for how he got through security/customs. 聽Instead he's on a plane at the end of the movie.

Lecter's having obtained plastic surgery for his face and polydactyl left hand is absent.

Starling does not go back to the "dungeon" that Lecter was kept in.

During the shootout between Starling and Evelda the latter fails to deliver her best line: "Let's exchange body fluids, Bitch!"

Lecter being something akin to super human and or not entirely human is not touched upon. 聽In the book he is described as being unusually strong, fast and possesses eyes that are colored maroon with flecks of red.

I don't think there was ever a scene showing how Lecter kidnapped Krendler, although Lecter enters both Krendler's house and Starling's instead of staking out her Mustang.

Lecter's abductors stop for coffee and donuts. 聽They also make a phone call. 聽Truth be told, I don't recall if this happened in the book, I just thought the coffee and donuts part looked silly.

Lecter and Starling do not converse regarding cessation and restarting of the lambs screaming and that's just the beginning of it. 聽Probably 90% of what takes place between the two is left out.

Krendler, for all his inanity for some reason is the only one who manages to have a clue as to what Lecter is up to eg. he refers to Lecter as "a nut with a crush." 聽Not sure if this was in the book or not, just seemed odd.

Lecter's brainwashing techniques as well as his techniques of psychological healing used on Starling near the end are almost entirely left out, just him drugging her.

One of the most memorable and shocking endings to any story ever is horridly and utterly absent.

Well there you have it. 聽

Random Note: The operatic piece that plays during Lecter's/Pazzi's opera attendance as well as through out the rest of the film is extraordinarily pleasing to the ear. 聽Almost makes me want to attend one myself to find out if the reputation of "Long, Loud and Boring" is really justified or not...

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Here's my submissions for this year, in the spirit of fun.聽 Had 10 planned for fun, but time (and one technicality) got away from me, so it's only 4 (it'd be 5, but nobody got me in my costume, and it's too much trouble to throw it on for a photo now).

Favorite decorations:


Obviously nothing fancy, but the fact that my kids saved these things from being thrown out by their mother a couple of years ago when we Dollar Tree decorated our porch, continued to play with them off and on in the interim, then brought them out near Halloween this year leave me with a soft fuzzy spot for them, even if they aren't fancy.



The one pumpkin (of four) that we actually got carved this year.聽 We had a secondary design selected for the one we have that's bigger than this one, but it got too late the day we did carving to do the other one, and just haven't had or been able to make the time since.聽 At least the others will make nice fall decorations, lol.

Beat a Splatterhouse game:


'Nuff said.聽 I played through and beat 2 (as I only own or have access to 2 & 3) on the Genesis, and honestly, it's not for me, and I probably won't be going back after this.聽 I remember being in awe of the first game when I learned of it as a kid, primarily due to the seemingly huge amount of gore and creepy setting, but playing through the second one (and a bit of the third) as an adult, it really just seems to be a horror themed game with mechanics lifted straight from the arcade, as it would have done really well demanding a quarter every time you got randomly, brutally, and usually unfairly killed in the game.

Complete set of scary "movies":


My full set of the "Tales from the Darkside" TV series.聽 (This is what we discussed, @Jeevan)聽 I watched a lot of this series as it was originally airing, late at night, after I was supposed to have been in bed, having snuck down the hall silently and hidden beside and in the shadow of my parents' huge floor model stereo system.聽 I picked this set up a few years ago and started watching them, only to have my son wander in and decide he wanted to watch them to.聽 At one point we got distracted from our daily ritual of watching an episode or two, then time moved on, and it's 3-4 years later and he sadly no longer has any interest in sitting down with dad to watch any sort of spooky content.聽 I'll finish them all one day.

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Trick Or Treat Dance GIF by DOMCAKE

1.聽聽聽聽 Watch a scary movie and write up a review about it:

Here鈥檚 a double whammy. I saw both today on Halloween. Oh yea, Spoiler Alert, DUH.

The Silence:Did you enjoy A Quiet Place? I did. Want to watch an absolute disaster of a movie that wishes it were A Quiet Place? Then please, watch The Silence. In this movie, some creatures were released from the depths of the earth and attack anything that makes a sound. Literally. Bell ringing? *CHOMP* A Crow Bar being thrown? *CHOMP* But hey, if you don鈥檛 make that much sound, you can move around quite easily and there shouldn鈥檛 be much to be afraid of. The characters in this movie seem to be moving around fields that have no sneaky brittle branches, no crunchy leaves, nothing. About the coolest thing about this movie was when the main characters encounter a group uses a very sneaky tactic to 鈥渁ttack鈥 them. Not even sure what I would rate this on a # scale, but I wouldn鈥檛 recommend this movie.

Halloween Kills:What a terrible movie. After seeing the 2018 Halloween movie, we were looking forward to this movie. We should have known better. Michael Myers, either due to his age or just a lack of difficulty in killing people, probably walked the least in this movie. Now, don鈥檛 get me wrong I鈥檓 not watching Halloween movies to see how far Michael Myers walks, but he barely chases anyone in this movie. Is there a lot of gore and killing? Yes. Could they have made a more interesting storyline? Yep. I鈥檓 not sure why, but this movie just felt, cheap. This feels like a typical money grabbing movie and I鈥檓 sad to report we signed up to Peacock TV just to watch this movie today. Suckered! Also, not getting into the details, but what probably could have been an epic scene at the end of the movie, was well, just flat out disappointing. I鈥檓 not a director, but this final scene could have been shot differently to create a different effect instead of the garbage that was on display. On the bright side鈥 we are probably going to be watching some new streaming content. The movie still sucked, oh and there鈥檚 another movie coming out.

Harsh? Well, it鈥檚 Halloween and these are the two terrible movies we watched. You have been warned.

2.聽聽聽聽 Create A Spooky Video Game Character:

Disrupto:Has the ability to appear during a game and reset/change your controller settings during games. Terrifying.


3.聽聽聽聽 Show a complete series of video games/movies:


4.聽聽聽聽 Show us your favorite Autumn Drink:

What is autumn? Right鈥 there鈥檚 apparently seasons, well not around here suckas! This is actually quite a surprise as it comes from a fast food chain. Anyways, there's also some Pumpkin Spice Cake Nespresso my wife drinks. It's probably the most I've tolerated out of any stupid pumpkin drink. By default, it's my favorite pumpkin drink.



5.聽聽聽聽 Show us your pumpkins!

Only one pumpkin survived the 2 week wait as the other one rotted. The only other pumpkins around were about $30 and, uh, no thanks.


6.聽聽聽聽 Show us your pet dressed up for Halloween

Yea... 3/4 had their Ghostbuster costumes as the other one did not fit since they sent the wrong size.


7.聽聽聽聽 Show us your favorite Halloween decoration

Color changing PacMan ghost light.


8.聽聽聽Write a short Story(spooky) and post it:

I'm terrible at stories. I'll stick to writing little poems for Secret Santa.

Monday. It would seem like any other day, but at least Sundays are off. After a day of unwinding, it would seem like I would have the energy to take on Monday like a freight train. Who am I kidding? It can鈥檛 be too bad I think to myself trying to convince myself that my existence means something. There must be some meaning, anything.

As I sit there trying to go on about my day filled with random thoughts, I look out and see a couple arguing. Finger pointing and arguing about the typical things couples argue about:money. 鈥淗ow can you spend on something like that?鈥 she says. 鈥淚t鈥檚 my money and I want to buy it,鈥 he says as they storm off into the distance. They didn鈥檛 seem to be having a good day.

Just as I was wandering off into another thought some guy walks by. What does he want? What on earth, could a guy like him get out of a store like this? Fancy shoes, high end tinted sunglasses, a fancy watch. I stand there shocked, quietly observing his every move. I can just tell. He鈥檚 up to something. It鈥檚 obvious. He has no business being here and he鈥檚 nervously, frantically looking around. I can see the sweat starting to collect on his forehead. The store lights bounce off his forehead like a mirror held to the sun. Surely, this guy sees the security cameras, right? He can鈥檛 be this stupid. He looks in my direction and he must have not realized I was there. As I see him nervously shaking grabbing something just out of my sight, another person passes by. The guy, startled, puts the item back and browses through another part of the store, but the guy turned and looked back at me. I knew that look. I didn鈥檛 know what to do. Out of the hundreds of thoughts that were scrambling around, I couldn鈥檛 say nor do anything. I looked around and saw other people were coming in and I thought, perhaps, there might be a chance. There might be a chance that this guy will just go away. As more people entered, I realized the desperation starting to sink in. 鈥淗ow much for that one?鈥 he said pointing to something in my direction. I wanted to yell at him 鈥淣ot for sale鈥, as I figured he was up to something, but I stayed frozen stiff. In my moment of hesitation as I was caught off guard, I heard Jimmy鈥檚 annoying screechy voice. Jimmy, let me tell you about Jimmy, this guy thinks he knows it all. He鈥檚 always wearing T Shirts that were created long before he was born. Jimmy was trying to make a name for himself since his dad owns the shop, but he couldn鈥檛 make a sale if his life depended on it. 鈥淲ell, I see it鈥檚 priced at $10.00鈥 Jimmy says. I tried to not burst out in laughter, because surely, Jimmy knows the value is not $10. The customer鈥檚 eyes had a little twinkle in his eye at that moment as he looked in my direction. Did he know of the mistake? 鈥淚鈥檒l take it鈥 says the guy smiling. I see Jimmy smiling at me, but I can鈥檛 help but feel happy for him even though I know he鈥檚 going to get yelled at by his dad. What is his dad going to do? Fire him? Jimmy will learn, somehow. To Jimmy鈥檚 credit, it鈥檚 only 9:20 AM and he鈥檚 already made a sale. It usually takes him until noon to interact with a customer. Then again, maybe his dad will鈥

Suddenly I felt Jimmy鈥檚 cold hand鈥 froze. The guy is just there smirking and frantically texting on his phone. Jimmy says, 鈥渢hat鈥檚 how you make a sale鈥 with an arrogant tone. I鈥檓 not sure what came over me after that, but I just felt everything turn to black. I heard what sounded like a large engine roar as I felt the world around me shaking and there was nonstop commotion. The noise, the movement, the yelling, it was all too much鈥

I don鈥檛 know how long I was out, but I do remember spotlights, gloves, and some chatter of cleaning on superficial wounds鈥 I must have passed out and hit myself unconscious. I know I鈥檓 old, but I thought I was in impeccable shape. I tried making sense of it all, but as I am passing in and out again, I vaguely heard voice say: 鈥溾ike a million bucks.鈥

As if the sun was shining specifically at me, I slowly look around and try to recognize where I am. I see a figure in front of me, but I can鈥檛 identify them as the sun is just too bright. It must be Jimmy I thought. I was feeling strange鈥 it felt like I couldn鈥檛 breathe. 鈥淵ou look amazing,鈥 said a voice. Well, that鈥檚 nice to know I thought. I was being moved again and still couldn鈥檛 recognize the figure or voice. My view was changing, I was moving higher and higher. Put me down I thought to myself, who does this guy think he is? As I examine my new view, I look around and see glass all around鈥 what is this? What is going on here? I read a label above me that I can鈥檛 make out, it鈥檚 just out of my view. What on earth is going on here? As I take a moment to relax and gather my thoughts, I see someone on both sides. Captain Sky Hawk and Dr. Mario. No. This can鈥檛 be, this is must be some mistake鈥 surely there must be some logical explanation to this. I feel like yelling, but I can鈥檛. I鈥檓 motionless. Not a peep, not a soul that can do anything about my status. I peek into the distance and see that guy with the tinted sunglasses, standing there smiling with his stupid shiny phone. I see a bright flash and I am momentarily blinded. He鈥檚 just standing there smiling and giggling with excitement. He turns around and I can see his phone screen 鈥淲hat's new in your collection/Pick-up Thread !!!鈥 is all that I can make out. Ah crap鈥

All I can think of in that moment is Jimmy鈥檚 screechy voice and that $10. $10 lousy dollars, Jimmy, your dad is going to give you a scolding for this one鈥 I only wish I was there to see it. As those thoughts quickly fade, I now realize the severity of the situation. This is the end of the line鈥 I heard whispers in the stores of others having the same fate, but I didn鈥檛 think it was true. As I see the guy pacing back and forth, I see him checking off a box on his list. 鈥淥nly 43 more to go鈥 he says as he leaves the room. As I stand there, motionless, I once again try to convince myself that my existence means something鈥 anything.

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Here is my Pet Rock, Stanley, dressed up as one of the Zombie Knights Templar from the "Tombs Of The Blind Dead" Movie Series.

I know..., I know what you're thinking,

but here's the thing: 聽I would love nothing more than to dig up my Cat, dress him up a bit and take a picture to present here, but the thing is, I just have no way of locating his grave, if he even has one...

Stanley dressed as zombie knights templar .png

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Events TeamPosted
3 minutes ago, PII said:

Here is my Pet Rock, Stanley, dressed up as one of the Zombie Knights Templar from the "Tombs Of The Blind Dead" Movie Series.

I know..., I know what you're thinking,

but here's the thing: 聽I would love nothing more than to dig up my Cat, dress him up a bit and take a picture to present here, but the thing is, I just have no way of locating his grave, if he even has one...

Stanley dressed as zombie knights templar .png

Sorry for your loss 馃槩聽 Hope the kitty was a good one.聽 鉂わ笍

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Hubie Halloween - Movie Review

Adam Sandler is back at it again with a direct to streaming movie (2020) for Netflix.聽 This time around it's a Halloween themed movie that takes places in Salem, Mass.聽 Like many of Sandler's films lately, this isn't going to win any big time awards as it's not an amazing movie.聽 But what this movie is, is a fun kid friendly movie with references it older Sandler's films and hidden adult humor.聽 O'Doyle's family still have little shits for kids and even Orderly Hal makes appearance at the beginning of the film.聽 These little easter eggs I love as I was a big fan of Sandler's early work.聽 But for me the best bits I loved were the t-shirts that Hubie's mother wore along with her friend.聽 The movie had some real laugh out loud moments and some pretty cringe moments as well.聽 Overall I say it's worth watch with your kids or if you are big fan on Sandler.聽 Otherwise I'm sure there is better stuff to watch that you haven't watched.聽 Movie gets a 5.8 out of 10.

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Events TeamPosted

Alright folks,

It's bedtime, I will tabulate anything you all do up until 11:59pm.聽 4am comes early and I need my sleep before I goto work.聽 Have a good one and I will see you all tomorrow.聽 I can theoretically tabulate submissions up at work if I get some spare time, but if not, I should be able to have everything tabulated by 8pm or so tomorrow and get the winners chosen!聽 Afterwards I should be able to get the charms handed out shortly thereafter.聽 Night and hope you all had some fun!聽 Look forward to American Thanksgiving folks!聽聽

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1: Blog post of your favorite spooky game:

Here's a blog post about my personal favorite horror game series of all time, Fatal Frame. (Although if it has to be about a specific game and not a whole series, we can just say that this is about the first game since everything said in it applies to the first game in particular in addition to the whole series)

2: Post a photo in the mug shot thread of you in a halloween costume:

It's only a crappy Majora's Mask... well, mask that I've had for years that I dug out of my closet, but it's better than nothing, haha. Very last minute as I didn't think I had anything that would qualify until I remembered I had this.

3: Create a spooky video game character: 05fac074dcdb337a74b4c2a4801a62dc.png

Meet... Zombified ChuChu (hopefully modified versions of existing characters count, haha)

4: Watch a scary movie and write up a review:


I've actually already seen this film, however I very recently re-watched it with a friend of mine after this thread was posted, so this should still count (hopefully.)

This film is absolutely incredible, and one of my personal favorite horror movies of all time. The plot is as follows: In the late-1800s, two lighthouse keepers are ferried on to a small island with a lighthouse on it to maintain it and make sure it stays operational for a few months. They don't get along well at all, but they have no choice but to deal with each other. Unfortunately, just before the ship to pick them up comes, a bad storm hits the area, preventing the ship from picking them up, and forcing the two keepers to hunker down on the island and wait for the storm to pass. Eventually, they start to lose their mind as they run out of rations, and they begin to turn on each other as they desperately try to hold on to their sanity. What follows is, to put it bluntly, the biggest mindfuck I've ever had from a movie.

First of all, the film is shot in a 1.19:1 aspect ratio (almost a perfect square) which is the same aspect ratio used in very early silent films, and it's shot in black and white. This gives the film not only a very unique feel, but it also makes it all feel very cramped and claustrophobic, emulating what the characters are feeling in the setting.

The performances from Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are both absolutely incredible. They both bring their absolute A-game to this movie, and they both dissolve in to their characters. These don't feel like actors playing characters, these feel like real people from a time that has long since passed, especially given their, at times, very heavy accents that are intentionally somewhat hard to understand.

The cinematography in this film is also incredible. This movie has some of my favorite shots from any movie I've ever seen, not just in the horror genre, and it all feels very accurate to the era the film is trying to emulate with it's technical aspects.

The music and sound design in the movie is some of the best I've ever heard in a horror movie. Throughout almost the entire film, there's a loud, blaring foghorn that routinely sounds, which is intentionally loud, droning and repetitive. By the latter half of the film, that foghorn really does start to drive you up the wall, which is exactly what the film is trying to do. The music is also great, subtle when it needs to be, and loud and bombastic when it needs to be. Some of the tracks in the movie give me chills, including the very first one that plays in the opening scene when the two keepers arrive at the lighthouse.

It's very difficult to discuss the plot without going in to spoilers, so all I'll say is that there are many implied supernatural things at play on the island the film takes place on... however both of the characters are intentionally unreliable narrators, so due to that, and due to their decreasing sanity, it's equally as plausible that they're both simply losing their minds, and nothing supernatural is happening at all. By the time the film is over, you're left speechless, wondering what in god's name happened on that island.

Overall, I would rate the movie a 9/10. An absolute masterpiece of psychological horror, and a very fun film to discuss with others who have seen it. You could spend hours and hours discussing and debating different theories about what happened. Very highly recommend this movie if you're in to psychological horror films, or horror films in general.

5: Write a short Story(spooky) and post it:

One day, little Tommy was in his room, playing with his toys. Eventually, he gets hungry, and decides to get up and go to the kitchen to have a snack. As he walks through the house, he sees his Dad sitting on the couch in the living room as he passes by. As he walks in to the kitchen, he sees... his Dad. Again. standing in the kitchen, but in different clothes. "D... Daddy...?" he says, reluctantly. "What is it, Tommy?" his father says. Confused, Tommy responds "I just saw you in the living room, what are you doing in here?" "...Huh?" his father replies. Confused himself, Tommy's father walks out of the kitchen all the way to the entrance to the living room, as Tommy watches. He peeks around the corner, and immediately jumps backwards, looking incredibly frightened.

Tommy's father carefully but briskly walks back to the kitchen, kneels down, puts one of his hands on Tommy's shoulder and shakily says to Tommy "Tommy, that wasn't me, there's someone in our house that shouldn't be here." Tommy's father reaches in to his pocket, pulls out his phone, and hands it to Tommy. "Here, take this, and call 911. Just like I taught you, remember? For now, hide in the pantry and don't come out unless I tell you to, OK?" "O-O-OK..." Tommy stutters with fear in his voice. Quickly, he runs to the pantry in the kitchen, closes the door and hide as he calls 911.

The phone rings for what feels like forever, as Tommy shakes in fear, breathing heavily. Eventually, Tommy hears footsteps coming out of the kitchen, going towards the living room. "Daddy's gonna go beat up the bad guy!" Tommy thinks to himself. As Tommy listens and waits in fear and anticipation, he eventually hears someone yelling from the living room. "...What in THE HE-" before they can even finish their sentence, Tommy hears the sound of a struggle happening in the living room.

The struggling goes on for minutes and minutes, until Tommy hears what sounds like choking. Eventually, the sound stops, and the house falls completely silent. "D...Daddy...?" Tommy quietly says, as the phone continues to ring. Tommy stays in the pantry for a long time. "When is he going to tell me I can come out...?" Tommy thinks to himself as the phone still continues to ring. "What if something happened to Daddy...? What if the bad guy got him...?" Tommy thinks to himself. Eventually, Tommy decides that he has to go to the living room and make sure his dad is OK. Slowly, Tommy reaches for the handle to the pantry door, and slowly turns and opens it. The door ominously squeaks as it slowly opens.

The kitchen is empty. Tommy's dad is nowhere in sight, nor is the intruder. Tommy slowly and quietly walks through the kitchen, towards the living room. Eventually, Tommy makes it to the entrance to the living room. Reluctantly, Tommy peers around the corner of the doorway in to the living room. The living room is in shambles, with lamps, shelves, and cushions knocked all over the place. Tommy slowly walks in to the living room to see the couch where he saw the intruder sitting. He sees a lifeless body sitting on the couch in the exact same position the intruder was in... except it's not an intruder. It's his father, wearing the exact same clothes the intruder was wearing.

Tommy feels a hand on his shoulder.

6: Show us your pumpkins:



It's crappy, I know, but I had to do it last minute since I felt pretty sick yesterday and didn't feel like doing it ahead of time. It's meant to be Dracula from Castlevania, along with a cross being projected behind him. I'm working on a second one as well, but it won't be done in time for the Bingo.

7: Show us your pet dressed up for Halloween:


Little Miss Loma the Jedi Knight (we don't have any specific Halloween costumes for our dogs so this'll have to suffice, haha)

8: Show us your favorite Halloween decoration(s):


Definitely this lantern we have that we always set out on our front porch for Halloween (we actually have two, but we usually just use this one.) Helps a lot to add to the aesthetic of everything.

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Here's my spooky video game character.

This is The Seal Breaker. 聽It uses dark magic to break the seals of factory sealed games. 聽It doesn't even play them. 聽It just leaves them in places where they will be susceptible to damage, like a damp basement or by a window that gets a lot of sunlight. 聽When you encounter it in-game, it attacks you with shards of plastic made from the games it has opened.


I was going to animate the arms and have it open the pile of Switch games, but I ran out of time.

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