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We hit 400 members today.


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20 minutes ago, skinnygrinny said:

Where do you see how many members there are? 

You click on the magnifying glass on the search bar then click members search (there is content search and members search tabs) then scroll to the bottom and hit the search members button.

search bar > members search > search members 

The total will be near the top.

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This is really good news.  Even if 25% are active (and I'm sure it's more than that) 100 active users is pretty good considering the age of the site.

Speaking of growth, though, are you guys promoting this site in any of your other digital watering holes?  I've not mentioned this place on Reddit yet, when it's been applicable to a conversation because I assumed this was still in an pseudo "open beta" state where anyone could join but we weren't looking for a rush of new users.

I know Gloves has been tweaking the site, cutting features on and off and adjusting them to get it "just right", so I didn't know if that was a factor.  Anyway, I'm sure if we can encourage other people to come over here, because it's far more convenient, maybe having a fresh, modern site might entice the social-media-only types to venture over hear and give this place a try.

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Yeah, this site is MUCH more modern internet friendly than the old site, what with the likes, the rep scores, picture and photo friendly, the blogs, notifications, and on the whole totally fresh and modern layout and feel!

It's little wonder NA was atrophying in front of our eyes when you compare it to what a modern forum should look like in 2019!

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