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  1. My grandparents still worked when they passed but I never would have been able to get it into my apartment....one of the ones from the 70s with 500lbs of wood....funny enough my TV/VHS/DVD combo from 2003 didn't even make it as long as that thing did
  2. When I met Billy West he told me about 'Disenchantment' before it had been revealed to the public at all.....I remember thinking at the time that it was pretty shocking to hear someone talking so openly about something that hadn't necessarily happened yet
  3. I bought a sealed Scyther Jungle booster pack at the 2019 Boston Fan Expo for $30, and my friend talked me out of buying another because he thought that was "a little pricey"......fast forward 16 months later and you can barely get them for under $200 anymore lol.....oh well, at least I have one
  4. I'm not sure if Five Guys still sells the Double Stuf Milkshake (no cookies) but the one time I put that inside me, I'm pretty sure is the closest I've ever come to death
  5. No idea. I noticed the mall locations near me abruptly went out of business and are totally empty. In December there had been no mention of them closing.
  6. This is all completely different than the Gigaleak. Basically the main thing found in the Gigaleak was the dungeon with the tongue statues (and the old Kokiri Forest). Most of what is in this video has never been seen by anybody until this last week. Look at the Hyrule Field for instance. Nobody has ever seen that version of Hyrule Field before, and it is MASSIVE! The original inside of the Deku Tree is 100% different and contains the beta windows screenshot. The horseback archery field that we only saw in super grainy screenshots. The original graveyard. The Lake Hylia with the beta building.
  7. I haven't seen this posted anywhere else, apologies if there is a different thread. Massive portion of the date for the 1997 version of Zelda 64 has been discovered inside of an F-Zero X prototype. One of my biggest wishes has been fulfilled after 24 years of waiting. It is BEYOND surreal to see these areas in motion.
  8. Haha yeah I'm 34 years old and still get treated like I'm 10 when it comes to that type of stuff from my Dad. But again, he's an ultra stereotypical boomer and doesn't even realize it. He's also really thrifty by nature, I don't even think he's bought clothing in the last 20 years that didn't come out of a thrift store. He and I aren't at all alike when it comes to that. I don't know that it is necessary or not to have them removed because he hasn't been seen, I am aware they may not be cancerous, but I'd definitely prefer them to be gone. They are on his lower back, and my cat tends to lay
  9. I was in the local movies/music store in town last night when this guy who looked to be about 50 years old stepped into the store while reading the store hours on the door and loudly exclaimed for every person in the entire place, "CLOSED 9PM DAILY?!?!? ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME?!?!? WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MIDNIGHT?!?!?" That must have been some coma he just came out of
  10. My tuxedo cat has a few growths that have developed on his back and I will need to be taking him in for surgery, he is five years old but has never been to the vet before. He's a fantastic cat though, super bright and talkative, likes to snuggle under the covers. I told my Dad I was going to take him in and that I was planning on it to lowball cost me about $2000 but that I could cover it, I had been awarded employee of the quarter at work and got a pretty nice bonus luckily. But my Dad pretty much got angry at me and said it was stupid to spend money on a cat and that I'm better off just putt
  11. This is amazing, but at the same time I can't help but be disappointed no Incredible Crash Dummies at the end of an aisle the way I remember them in '91....this footage here captures the exact era of when I can first consciously remember Toys R Us. The Legos are the exact era that I started getting heavily into them. Looking at this now, it may as well be 100 years ago.
  12. Literally whatever anybody trades in there. I've gotten my Master System and Saturn systems there over the last few years. I go in there all the time. There's something different every day. But you can't really plan on finding anything specific. I saw GB copies of Hit The Ice and Kirby's Block Ball tonight but I didn't take them. I picked up a copy of Yoshi's Island a few weeks ago for about $25. Picked up Mario Maker for the Wii U for $30 around Christmas.
  13. I found this tonight at the local music/movies store. First time I've ever seen a boxed Game Boy game at this store. It was in a plastic case but I took a chance and bought it for $14.97. Got home and checked it out and it was a mint/like new copy! Somebody had dumped off quite a few Game Boy games, perhaps the same person. I also picked up the Gargoyles Quest cart only for $16.97, always a game I have wanted. Been a pretty good last few days for stumbling on local stuff in my town
  14. Yes, that was the title! Oh man, just looking on the old covers on Google makes me so nostalgic...I must have had the first 20 or so... I always assumed the newer movies probably didn't treat those books as existent....Jacen and Jaina Solo.....I remember 'em
  15. The only time in my life I was really a big Star Wars nerd was like 95-98 era when I read the book Shadows of the Empire, and the PC/N64 game came out. That was around the time I really watched the original Trilogy, and I was reading a series of young adult books based around Han Solo's children (can't remember what the series was called, it was written by a husband/wife team) and pretty much my interest in Star Wars peaked when Rogue Squadron for N64 came out. I like the Pod Racing videogame a lot (as well as Sega's arcade version) but I have never even watched a single minute of a Star Wars
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