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What video games have been made into movies?


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Games that went to movie 
*one watched

Mortal Combat
Super Mario Bros
* Resident Evil (1-35)
* Detective Pikachu
* Tomb Raider
* Rampage
* Prince of Persia
* Warcraft
Silent Hill
Final Fantasy
* Angry Birds
* Wreck-It Ralph
* Doom!
* Warcraft
Street Fighter
Dead or Alive
Double Dragon
*Assassin's Creed
Alone in the Dark
* Mega Man
Street Fighter II

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I just watched Sonic with my son yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Of all the video game franchises to turn into movies, I wouldn't have had it in the top 50. And now I'm actually looking forward to the sequel.

There are quite a few not listed in this thread, but I suspect the answer to your question is easily found on Google so I'll stop there.

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7 hours ago, TheBiRD said:


Street Fighter with JC Van Damme!!

I was reading through this whole thread to make sure no one else had mentioned Street Fighter.  I think that might be the only game that was made into a movie that was made into a video game.


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