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On 8/22/2020 at 4:36 PM, a3quit4s said:

Did you patch things up with Wittenhagen so we can get Capcom or Taito Challenge??

No. If he hadn't repeatedly gone behind my back and at least told me he was going to continue to make more copies, it would be a totally different story. As it is he kept trying to hide it after saying he wasn't going to.

This doesn't mean I haven't messed around with a sequel, however 👍


23 hours ago, B.A. said:

Do you enjoy PBR? 

This is undoubtedly true, and you know this, MAN! Though it has moved to my second favorite beer over the past few years, with Guinness takin' the top slot, and Modelo coming in at number 3.

Hell, we can make this intro thread a Q&A while we're at it hehe Shoot me any questions and we'll get epic!

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Hey Rob, I remember meeting both you and Kevin (Khan) at the NA expo in 2008, and you were both going on and on about wanting to make games for the NES.  At the time I was thinking, "Man, those guys are crazy!  That would be impossible!"  Now here we are more than a decade later and look at the results...

Well, keep on doing what you're doing and we'll keep on playing your games. 🙂

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i joined to THANK YOU for your programming work on 'Get Em' Gary'. i got the game with an EverDrive from Stone Age Gamer.

i love it so much i bought a physical cart, as well as a boxed version from Second Dimension.  (missed out on the limited edition)

i hear the music in my sleep \m/


are Sly Dog games limited runs, or is there a store for physical carts somewhere?




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