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  1. Do frogs and chimps get along ok? Welcome stud. ~~NGD
  2. Holy shit, Basil!!!! I had no idea you were still around. Been forever dude! I didn't even know about this place, of I did, I had forgotten. Lol ~~NGD
  3. Good to see some old friends. Crazy so many old NA'ers are here. ~~NGD
  4. Bitcoin is blowing up today!!! Over 46k a coin right now!! Damn! ~~NGD
  5. I almost just cried when I saw a Joel welcome thread. Well done boys, well done. Also fuck you Joel. ~~NGD
  6. I stumbled over here after Frisbee mentioned it to me on Facebook. Been a looooooong time. I've already seen a few familiar names and faces. Hope everyone has been doing well. ~~NGD
  7. Who is this Jason person you speak of? I had no idea this place existed until Frisbee told me. ~~NGD
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