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Official VGS aluminum machined mirror wall sign!

Crazy Climber

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I made a thing again 馃槈

Now some of you might remember the official NA wall signs from a while back, well I figured a new FRESH sign for VGS was in order!

For those of you that know what they are all about you can skip this part,for those that don't please read on! 馃檪

"These signs are made from 100% aluminum composite material. It is crazy expensive (like $6-$10 a square foot!!) but I get the materials at a discounted price as they are leftovers from construction jobs I have machined the parts for. They are industrial grade building materials that are professionally painted the same quality an automobile is painted at the factory. They are then CNC machined by yours truly. They are fully weather treated and can withstand the harshest climates (I've had several hanging outside for 10+ years now in severe MN weather with zero problems, they still look new)

It's honestly not a big money making operation, if I calculated what I made on them (which I purposely do not lol) it would probably be around $5 an hour or so when it's all said and done. I just do it for fun and bragging rights and if I make a few bucks for homebrews its a bonus. I was at a classic gaming show once (MGC) and someone I've never met before said "hey, that's the guy that makes the cool signs" I couldn't stop smiling... :)

**Okay, so these signs are made from a sick two tone paint PURPLE AND TEAL!! I know right? VIDEO GAME SAGE BABY!! it doesn't get more聽 perfect than that, the second I saw it I knew I had to use it for these signs! It has a metallic sparkle flake in it and they change color depending on the angle, sunlight, etc... It's pretty cool, reminds me of a custom 80's corvette or something lol. The also have a slab of "unbreakable mirror" that has been CNC machined as well to complete the look...and it's practical...You can discretely check your nose for hanging boogers if some girls are over at your place to check out your sweet sweet collection馃槈 It could happen...


As stated, it's not a huge cash cow but still, a few bucks a sign can add up if a lot of them sell and I will donate half the profits of EVERY one sold 馃檪

The price is only $15 plus $8 flat rate shipping....I'm practically giving these away! I made a small run available right now and will have more available through the official store soon. Don't let the low price fool you, these are high quality, professional signs!

I only have enough materials to make around 40...maybe 50 signs total. It's a custom color so I can't purchase anymore material (which is a shame because this two tone color is slick!!) so yeah, total run of 40-50 signs...

Let me know if you want one or have any questions (or just want to say whats聽 up) just send me a PM or express your interest in this thread. Thanks everyone!! I hope you like them 馃檪




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14 minutes ago, Jicsan said:

Oooo nice!

I'd like to get聽one for sure!

You got it man! PM sent 馃檪

8 minutes ago, ZeldaFreak said:

Ah shit, kinda bad timing for me... if you'd be willing to wait a couple days 'til payment, I'd absolutely be interested. Those look awesome.

a few days is no problem at all. I'll send you a PM!

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Events TeamPosted
1 minute ago, doner24 said:

If anyone is on the fence, the quality of the old NA sign was awesome!

Anyone that happens to have the NA sign mind taking a pic of it? I'd love to see it if it's of the same high quality that this one appears to be. Kinda sad I missed out on it now.

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Graphics TeamPosted
10 minutes ago, ZeldaFreak said:

Anyone that happens to have the NA sign mind taking a pic of it? I'd love to see it if it's of the same high quality that this one appears to be. Kinda sad I missed out on it now.

Not mine, but found it online. VGS has a cooler logo though imo 馃槈


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