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  1. Now in stock for an (affordable?) $489! https://www.retrousb.com/product_info.php?cPath=30&products_id=87
  2. Well, if you are quoting the sega genesis version Its more like "WISE FROM YOUWR GWAVE" just saying
  3. I remember way back (geez almost 20 years ago now!!) I purchased "Swamp thing" for $3.33 (3 for $10) from a local store here in MN called Cedar Cliff Collectables. I distinctively remember the owner (Steve?) singling this game out of my stack and saying "This game should be worth a LOT more, you just don't see it very often" I smirked a bit which probably seemed unappreciative of this supposed "deal" he was giving me and he blurted out "I'm serious, it's f*ckn rare!!" Seeing this post reminded me of that conversation and how he was right, crazy how he knew it so long ago
  4. I can honestly say I had no idea it would be the springs and not the motor, I'm still not going to mess with it but thanks for explaining that to me
  5. Thanks! I'll see if I have one from its peak. I had to take quite a few signs down, I put so many on the motor was overloaded from the weight and the door wouldn't open anymore haha
  6. Hey everybody... I have some N64 "rareware" signs I made. The are high quality Aluminum composite material that has been professionally painted then CNC machined (by yours truly) The orange is a two tone metallic paint that changes color/sparkles in the sunlight. They are fully weather treated and can even be hung outside if wanted! The signs are around 10 inches in length and are heavy duty (don't let the low price fool you, they are high quality) Not a huge money making operation, I sell a few on forums or ebay and make a few bucks a sign if everything goes smoothly. Any profits go to homebrew games. Just something I like to do to be a part of the hobby Price is $10 plus $8 flat rate US shipping ($18 shipped) Local MN pick up is totally fine also. I will ship to other countries but it's expensive!! ($20-$30!!) Oh, I also have a few of the first design of VGS signs I made, if you want to add one of those bad boys add an extra 10 bucks! I can ship it together with the rareware sign Thanks!!
  7. got some new Atari 2600 Homebrew games (Galagon,Wizard of Wor, Froggie 7800)
  8. This was THE very last game I purchased from Suncoast Picture company store before they went bankrupt. I remember they were liquidating neo geo pocket stuff and I passed...new in box systems for like 10 bucks...games were like a buck or two a piece....ugh....
  9. Being a guy that started collecting games for dead systems as far back as the late 80's...I started to really HATE what the internet did to my fun little hobby. After being a grumpy old man about it for many years I've now realized cool things like this (samurai) I would have never known existed if not for the internet. So, thanks for furthering my appreciating the internet and what it has done for video game collecting
  10. No way! I didn't know that... makes sense though, both systems were still a thing at that time
  11. Must have been late in the development of the N64 so they just scrapped it and moved it to Gamecube. Rerminds me of what happened with NES/SNES SIM city
  12. My favorite part is seeing pictures of them in collections! Thank you guys!!
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