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  1. I was young in the 90's, born in 85, and remember buying all these when my dad took me to target/walmart/funco. I would get home and RIP open the carboard packages, same with SNES and all that stuff. I remember getting a big box Earthbound from Blockbuster when they were selling it and destroying it (not intentionally, but just 10 year olds are rough with this stuff. Man if I would have known then what I know now, I would be able to retire. I remember selling Red/Blue to my buddy for $10.00 and thought I was coming out on top...$10.00 to a jr high schooler is tons of money, probably spent
  2. New or used, not looking to pay a huge premium. Happy to trade retro games. Nes/snes/Sega/Dreamcast/Ps1-2/Gameboy/GBA....Let me know if you are wanting to part!
  3. Both bottom corners appear to show signs of wear, but upon further inspection it looks like its the photo. I would remove that first one and replace it with another one. Looks great!
  4. What is the thing I am looking for called? I want to be able to hook multiple systems to it, and then be able to switch at my leisure, all connected to the TV. I want to be able to hook up Xbox/Dreamcast/Ps2 and some older systems. I have HDMI converters for the named consoles but the others I believe will have to be COAX or AV. Any suggestions?
  5. This was around 2012 and I saw a Listing for a NIB Sega Model 3 on Ebay and I said what the hell, ill buy it. So I bought it once it came I opened it up and saw that each wrapping had been opened and I contacted the buyer asking what the deal was and they said they had opened it to verify that it worked....this was a company that sold estate sale stuff, so they didnt realize that...there is no reason a BRAND NEW PRODUCT should not be working. They offered to take it back but it wasnt worth the hassel for me at the time.
  6. I have a NIB Sega Model 3 if you are interested in that. While it is new, the store I bought it from Opened it to test it before selling it to me unfortunately, so I would say the condition is excellent but used.
  7. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! The way ebay lets you copy listings is the reason that is there. I changed it to 5 screw. If you use a pre filled out one it adds all the information so you dont have to put it in, but sometimes it messes the title up.
  8. Id also like to mention if anyone else wants one here to let me know if they are all sold out near them and I will pick one up and charge only shipping+actual cost, which should be around $5.00 + 49.99+tax anywhere in the US.
  9. I was buying a new controller for my PC at walmart and I seen these Mario Game and Watch They had 4 so I bought one for me and one for my son. For $50.00 Im surprised I hadn't heard of them releasing these, I guess they came out on the 13th of this month. I already them on ebay going from 79 all the way up to 100. Piles of shit like that are the reason so many people couldn't get ahold of the minis. Im just surprised this wasn't on my radar.
  10. I have NFL Qb Club 99 , MLB Featuring KGJ, I have them bundled with a N64 on Ebay but would be happy to take down the listing and sell you the 2 games. Please see pics here and LMK if we can work something out or you would like more Photos. https://www.ebay.com/itm/402495158579
  11. Xbox has confused the heck out of me with all their new gen releases. I just cant keep it straight. Is this the small one with download only?
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