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It's been awhile..

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Since I was actively on NA, but that seems to have gone to complete shit. That said, VGS seems to be off to a stellar start with a bunch of familiar...faces.


Since mid-2017, I've had two kids and sold ~75% of my collection in one chunk, to a local store owner. I'm not quite on the "wagon" again, but I've somehow managed to amass over 1k games since selling.... I just can't quit you..


Hopefully I'll be able to pop on here every so often to shoot the breeze. 


Happy New Year!

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You can get off the wagon but you always come back.  I kept my games like my collectibles as a kid. I sold everything off... a couple years later I got back in. I did that back and forth and my longest stretch was from around when I was married (2005) until 2016. I gave up the fight and decided to just try to be moderate about my obsessions.  It’e worked well so far.  I only have about 1,500 games. 😂😭

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