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Your last inebriated purchase?

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Reading more than half of the stuff most of you say here, I sometimes do wish I had a beer magically appear in front of me. But like @Jynx I do not get drunk or high (with my reasons being tied to a promise I made to my Grandmother). But unlike Jynx I have a history of making bad decisions simply because I am always sober. 🙃

But there was this one time Satan appeared to me and offered me a trade.

I asked him what he had and what he wanted. He said that he had @fcgamer's soul and offered it for the grilled cheese I had just made. Seeing how it was not a fair trade on my part, he ended up saying how he got high and that he was jacking up auction prices on Heritage Auction. But when he became sober, he found out that he made a deal that he did not want.

Something about how Hell is supposed to be Hell for others, and all that jazz. Which ended with me feeling sorry for him, giving him two grilled cheese sandwiches, and still waiting on China to see if they will give some sesame dumplings in exchange of his soul. (Which might not happen since my original deal was for all the pot in Tibet.)

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3 hours ago, Nintegageo said:

So apparently I purchased a Demon Front cartridge last night.

Dude, Demon Front is a fantastic game. Not a bad thing to do.

I don't know if it was my last inebriated purchase, given it's over 12 years ago now, but that's how I ended up with an original Gals Panic S2 PCB. (you can check out footage of the game, but it's not "safe for work")

Maybe I was drunk when I bought a copy of Pepsiman last year, I don't really remember. At least it was a ridiculous decision, fueled by the hype of playing (and completing) a pirated version at a party.

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10 hours ago, Jynx said:

I have never once been drunk my entire life! I don't need to be inebriated to make bad decisions. 😄

I'm in the same boat.  I've drank alcohol only once--at a Lutheran wedding and as a more traditional, conservative, Evangelical Christian, I've steered clear of alcohol my entire life.  Ironically, I personally take no offense to it but once you make it all the way through college without having a drop of alcohol, there's just no appeal.

However, I do sometimes get really, really bad seasonal allergies and in order to avoid getting bad sinus infections, on the worst days, I'll take a cocktail of medications and my wife basically tells me to go to bed after I get off work because I'm certifiably nuts.

I'm pretty sure I've laid in bed and bought stuff on those rare days, but I can't think of anything.  My guess is that I probably just started going through my saved eBay searches and started over paying for an item or two because I'd just think "Why haven't I bought this yet?!"  I could see my self doing that for a nice copy of Moonwalker for the Genesis.  I've been staring that game down for years because I'm bound and determined to get a copy for under $75 in mint shape, which is what they were going for right as soon as I considered picking up a copy saved a search.  Anyway, I've obviously not bought that game, but picking up a copy for $150 is something "stupid" I'd do hopped up on 3-4 allergy/cold medications.

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I bought a junk cheap Crystal XBOX which I was umming and erring over for a few weeks, before drunk me just said fuck it and hit the button.


She sure ain't pretty, you can see the rust through the crystal, and I was sure it would be a bum.

However, it turned out to be a very good purchase, it runs fine, it's got a mod chip installed so it can play anything I want, and it came with a copy of one of my favourite games of all time, Vice City! 😄


The lesson here is always drink and spend money recklessly. 😉

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Events Team · Posted

Apparently it was the NES Garbage Pail Kids game which is due to be shipped this weekend.  Sweet deal!


On 10/8/2022 at 9:10 AM, JamesRobot said:

Dude, it was over $95 with shipping and taxes.  Thanks, drunk me! 😅 

I got suckered into it for sure.  Had a couple few beers and I was all in.  It's official GPK Topps licensed and includes exclusive 8 bit style cards.  The cards pushed me over the top.  More of a slight nudge really...


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I used to have tons of fun drinking and going on eBay. But that was "back in the day".

So 1) I don't drink anymore and 2) there's not great shit on eBay any more (comparatively). 

Having a cannabis smoke and going into a video game store is my deal now, haha. 

But the problem is... I want stuff more and my negotiating skills are destroyed. 🤣

So to answer your question... Mega Man 2 & 3 CIB, & NHL '98😎👍

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