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  1. I'm looking for a black label edition, sealed for Xbox 360. I have no idea what to value this at, and most of what I'm seeing on eBay seem to be players choice editions. Also not sure if the 'bonus map' edition would be considered first release. I really don't know anything about xbox collecting. I just play the games .
  2. Yes. And honestly, that will probably determine whether i send it back or just eat it.
  3. Good to know it's something they're aware of and working on. I'm definitely gonna send mine back in this case. The smudge make it hard to look at . Did you have to wait a long time to get this back afterwards?
  4. All I know is something like this (despite the grade) would really affect my want to purchase if I was a buyer. Does anyone know if WATA will do anything for something like this?
  5. It's that mark in the upper left corner and it's visible no matter what lighting. There are more on the upper right, but it's not as easy to see with the glare in the pics.
  6. OK maybe this is totally ridiculous, but has anyone else ever gotten a graded game with some smudges on the inner plastic, or even where the game is a little crooked inside the plastic encasement? If I'm grading for display, then this is kind of frustrating, especially on a black box where it's noticeable. (Maybe I deserve this for grading CIBs )
  7. I think I see your name from time to time in the variant forum, which means you're like me. Rarer=better. But I understand both perspectives
  8. So getting a notification that a FedEx label was created means nothing, because apparently they drop these off in bulk to FedEx (I'm guessing). I was supposed to get mine today, but the tracking was wrong because I'm assuming FedEx doesn't do pick up there
  9. I think the date code gathering was to shed more light on the konami/ultra no-back-label oddities, just so we could narrow down why this might be happening.
  10. So like, maybe someone tore the back one off, then got started on the front and gave up? I guess that'd make sense
  11. Could be, but as a seller (assuming they've done their research, if they were trying to fake something) why peel the back label? There are a number of these floating around and I think most have the back label, so it'd be surprising if they took the extra step to do something that doesn't legitimize it more.
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