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  1. Damn, idk. The labels are usually trash on these Konami 5 screws, but this is bubbling up a lot, so I see your point there. I don't see bad scratching on back, but maybe that's just the pic on my phone. Either way, these are so hard to buy for ebay prices when they are rather easy to fake... I wish the screw variants could've stayed niche enough to not attract scammers.
  2. Yes, definitely. I thought about staining it and got lazy. We were originally going to paint the logo directly on the barrel, but wanted to test run it first and I think it looks better with the 3-d sort of look like in the game. So the good thing about that is I can still remove it and stain it when I have a day off
  3. I've always wanted a barrel since I was like, 8, just because I loved DKC so much. Finally, I got an old wine barrel from a budy and slapped a DK logo on it to fulfill my childhood dreams lol
  4. My SNES quest has shifted, and I finally got my hands on something I've been wanting for years but just never pursued. My buddy picked it up a few months back and sold it to me. Has matching serials, and the original receipt!! I thought that was too cool to pass up. And got my DK barrel to display it on
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