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  1. Might hurt the seal grade a bit if your grading WATA, but the number grade should be solid. Looks like a good condition box. Anyways, if you're going to keep this particular sealed game regardless, you don't have to worry about the grade (as long as it's not tragically bad). It's not like you're planning on selling it. It sounds like it'd be more for preservation purposes at this point. And I think sealed games just look fresher when they're slabbed
  2. Yeah, and I should've approached this more as a question. How do you tell? I know about flap wear to see if it's been open, but if it's a fake box, there probably wouldn't be any. This game in particular is just so easy to fake. I'm sure they can get detailed looks at color bleeding, etc. Also, I get it's a double edged sword spreading info about verification techniques. Not like I can drop 40 g on a game anyways, but I've been hunting a CIB of this for some time and it's frustrating.
  3. I'm just curious how WATA can safely verify some of these non H-Seam seals, especially on a game that has shitty cardboard to begin with. I know every seal type can be faked, but wouldn't this just be way easier? Not discounting this authenticity, just wondering how someone could even make this purchase feeling sure about it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Zombies-Ate-My-Neighbors-Super-Nintendo-SNES-NEW-SEALED-WATA-Graded-RARE-VARIANT-/284114849242?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  4. Yeah, guess I'm confused. These are the only ones I see anywhere for 5 screw even, but haven't dug that deep
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