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  1. From Japan, no stress marks on the flaps as far as I can tell. Pretty sure it's unopened. Been wanting this for ages.
  2. I'm very appreciative of all these companies that keep physical games alive. it makes condition collecting more interesting IMO because most are cardboard too Lately I bought Death's Door from SRG and TUNIC from Fan Gamer. Say what you want about the specific companies but I enjoy this stuff. My all time favorite though is probably Axiom Verge's first release from Indie Box. That thing was dope. One of my all time favorites and I love to own a couple copies for the ol' collection.
  3. Idk how I missed this one first time around. kingdom hearts (all games).
  4. She I’m not sure how to narrow this down. I’m so many genres. some no-brainers right off the bat: shadow of the colossus journey FEZ hyper light drifter Mega man (basically all of them) deaths door tunic baldurs gate 3 im sure I could list 3x more if I looked at my digital library.
  5. No, it’s 100% of the time so long as you know to ask for it if they don’t give it by default. it’s a contractual entitlement at the point of sale - if they don’t give it, then it’s a lawsuit. I’ve also never seen them hold it back.
  6. Cgc is the only option if cost is a concern. VGA is 2x more expensive than Wata and now cgc price is $15 cheaper than Watas lowest ($35). I definitely think there’s space to say Wata and vga are great for the really special games, but cgc simply captures the bottom 90% of games that are so cheap it’s simply not reasonable to grade at Wata or vga. Lol
  7. also a decent number of 3DS exclusives that can no longer be downloaded from the shop.
  8. Here you go kids. Go buy your PC version of Spec Ops: The Line for $16 a pop. or PS3 or 360 versions for $120. EDIT: Sorry Tyler I know I'm just repeating what you already said lol
  9. I just bought out 173 copies from eBay and Mercari combined.
  10. Gameye tracking with 163 graded games, and I have about 40-50 cib hanging around in various places (need to consolidate those). very happy with the amount I have, especially as I begin storing them in boxes as prep for remodeling the house.
  11. Latest pickups. Wallet hurts a lil bit but then again when doesn't it with this hobby lol
  12. Totally missed this last year... added. https://www.afew.games/?search=a+link+between+worlds&platform=3DS
  13. hot take but a lot of things, not just games, are like this now. the prevalence of independent sellers on Amazon means their prices will be more akin to something like eBay, but it often feels higher priced for no reason at all.
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