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Space Raft NES

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Hello out there,

This is my first post here on the forums, so I'll take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Jordan and I am a rock musician from Milwaukee WI. Sometime early last year I started making chiptunes of music I had written for my rock band at the time Space Raft. I had intended it as a joke originally, but actually discovered I found chiptuning to be incredibly fulfilling and started looking for the next logical step in my progression into NESdev. I decided to make a little demo for the Nesmaker Byte Off in spring 2019, which admittedly was pretty poorly made, glitchy, and mostly broken, but I used it as motivation to continue with the project as a learning experience and feel it has grown into a fairly competent game for a first development. I've received a lot of help over in the nesmaker community as I struggle to get my bearings in programming, so many thank yous to that tremendously helpful scene 🙂

Since it's the end of the year, I thought maybe it would be good to share the progress I've made since then and offer the updated demo to any that might be interested here. 

The game features music from the band Space Raft, as well as personalities and locations (music venues, bars and record stores) from the Milwaukee music scene.  Since this project was essentially meant for the Rock audience (which is where most of the interest in it currently lies) Mainly as a bridge for those who might be interested in finding the NES homebrew scene for themselves.

There are a mix of obstacle based  scrolling levels in the band van similar to T&C surf design and top down adventure levels where you'll have to clear all the sandwiches before the former bass player Srini (included per his request) gets you, Something like Trogg meets Robowarrior i guess. It's a bit of a romp in the vein of the Monkees "frodus caper" so the premise is purposefully half baked and ridiculous.

What I have attached here is the demo ROM I managed to finish for the Portland retro Gaming expo (working steady since then and more updates will me coming soon). The game design is still rather fluid, so many things will be changed before the eventual release.


For posterity I will include the link to the original nesmaker thread in case anyone is interested in playing through older builds:


My intention is to offer cartridges for pre order at some point, but that will be once development is completely finished.

Thanks for looking! Please play LOUD (lol)








nite drive.png

font 3.PNG


roll out the barrel.png



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Awesome work, Raftronaut. Love the concept, the graphics and, of course, the music! Can't wait to play the final version of your game ❤️

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On 1/1/2020 at 4:36 PM, m308gunner said:

I like that tune. I like it very much.

hey thanks! 

It's a tune I'd written years ago which had become our unofficial theme song. All of the songs from the game are songs I had written for the band. Being a musician, the soundtrack came first and the details for the game have been unfolding since then as my skills improve 🙂

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