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  1. I hope to acquire older monitors someday and use what I purchased eventually. I want to be PC ready for the time I find something with the older VGA connections. I got the mouse on the side I will keep it in unused condition, I only really wanted the VGA for PlayStation 2. I seen the VGA selling on its own PS2. Maybe the PS2 mouse came on its own too I'm not sure, otherwise these two items may both be from the Linux kit. I wonder if there's a way to know what I've got. Also the big wonder is if I can somehow use with PS3, I've got an Energy extension, VGA. Maybe I've got the use of this buy al
  2. Its as big as a Game Boy Advance SP and is Serpentine which has not been used in 300 years roughly for carvings. Because there are irregularities with its darker spots inconsistencies mean there was not much selection at that time. Now better pieces would have been available with our advancements in selection these days. I went to a rock store to find out. I was offered $11,500 US and never sold to the inquirer!
  3. I know what you mean, I got a carving of some sort of monkeys in the Good Will Store. It had no price on it they let me have it for 50 cents Canadian. I'm afraid to get an evaluation on it because of any charges from a percentage of its worth. I think I could have something on my hands here of real high value if I'm lucky. Its over 300 years old that's all I found out. If its a million dollars they would make me sell to pay probably and its not for sale just want to find out its worth for curiosity!
  4. Today I got the Retron Sq by mail from a pre-order no stand out reviews for me at the buy time. Despite people coming out against in some reviews I'm happy I went with. I played to see 10 games so far they all loaded and were Game Boy Advance which is mentioned as 'beta' function. I'm real satisfied so just had to post. Firmware may get future update, micro SD card!
  5. R.I.P. 'DMX'. In short for the know, I met Sisqo before twenty years ago he was in front of me by chance and asked if I had a light, I gave him my lighter to help him further. I told him I like the song he was in with DMX. Sisqo then invited me to the other area he had in a dance club reserved for his party in which I mean guests. I no longer smoke for the last 10 years. I realized all I have by DMX is the Ruff Ryders he was to me the groups foundation. Just a refresh you can listen to music on your PlayStations. DMX was a pinnacle to an era he will be missed dearly!
  6. Here's my new picture added in a dust sleeve can fit instruction booklet in dust sleeve too seems better with one!
  7. Maybe someone here would like to see this Nintendo-Age release I got tonight from an eBay order, a NES game called Twin Bee. I just want to play and never wanted a basic repro so went for this out of any, I feel it may be special for some reason when I had the chance to buy. I used to have a homemade repro I gave away and missed game ever since, own again!
  8. Finally done extra video game area a put together in way salvage from around my place and out in our garage. It's located next to my room in the adjacent storage. I only have a main room I live in so was allowed to claim a small space in the storage room, to have a little more to be happy about. Now completed all efforts were my idea want to show the end result!
  9. I've decided to share my image two of my created Monster Hunter Rise characters. I'm now at the start of play saved the settings for each which you can do. Maybe its okay to show this!
  10. I take video game pictures at times and now have this one for all to see. I try presenting images that are best for a product I have no end goal just for passing time I like to. Yesterday my mail arrived I ordered a Trials of Mana reproduction by FishyFace Games that had the year on box 2019. I figure its aligned to the English official release on Collection of Mana also 2019. I've unpacked game since this picture its excellent quality and I really like reading the instruction booklet. I finished rom multiple times plus own Collection of Mana purchase of decided!
  11. I finished game on the GBA a few times except on this no Suzu quite sure, unless some copies added her into the playable cast of characters like on the PSX. Such a great game just bought to play off my computer basically!
  12. Everyone is right I will visit Video Game Sage to clear my mind on thing's by getting input. This was a fake game and I didn't even know it wouldn't fit into my North American video game systems, was Japanese. I now even know Pal video games are at a lower frame rate because of the televisions they use in Europe, quite sure at least on that. Because the game wouldn't fit I did a cart swap to a label-less snap together cart I had, the only got it from a friend before and kept around. Now I played the game glad to say it works plus inside had no wires on its circuit board looks like a okay job.
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