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NES Homebrew Written in C


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There is a growing number of NES homebrew games written in C. I'd love to compile a list of them here! Please let me know any you know of and I will add it to the list. Full, released games only (no "tech demos"). Also let me know if I am wrong about any of these!

All of these games are at least partially written in C

Alfonzo's Arctic Adventurehttps://www.spoonybard.ca/nes-games/alfonzos-arctic-adventure

Alter Egohttps://shiru.untergrund.net/software.shtml

Anguna - http://www.tolberts.net/anguna/

The core game logic of Anguna was ported from the Atari 2600 assembly, but most of the new stuff on the NES (new menus and splash screens, reworked darkness and how doors work, etc) was in C.

Chase - https://shiru.untergrund.net/software.shtml

Cheril in the Cave - https://www.mojontwins.com/juegos_mojonos/cheril-in-the-cave/

City Trouble - http://www.denny-r-walter.de/city.html

Eelectric - https://wendelscardua.itch.io/eelectric

Eskimo Bobhttps://www.spoonybard.ca/nes-games/eskimo-bob

From Below - https://www.frombelowgame.com/

Written almost entirely in C, built on neslib and nesdoug assembly libraries. Full source available here.

Improbability Fighter - https://wendelscardua.itch.io/improbability-fighter

Some code moved to assembly for performance improvements.

Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawlhttps://www.mallbrawlgame.com/

Minekart Madness


Nebs 'n Debshttps://www.nebsndebs.com/

NESert Golfing - https://rainwarrior.itch.io/nesert-golfing

Super Homebrew War - https://gauauu.itch.io/super-homebrew-war

Super Tilt Bros. https://sgadrat.itch.io/super-tilt-bro

Details can be found here.

Vs. From Below - https://vs.frombelowgame.com/

Written almost entirely in C, built on neslib and nesdoug assembly libraries. Full source available here (part of the original From Below source).

Witch n' Wiz - https://www.witchnwiz.com/

Written almost entirely in C, built on neslib and nesdoug assembly libraries. Also uses assembly libraries from nesdoug and cppchris for MMC1 helper functions.

Yacht https://wendelscardua.itch.io/yacht



What else am I missing?

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Super Tilt Bro.'s menus are mostly coded in C.

Main loop, and ingame are still in assembly to avoid any C overhead (we can mess with memory reserved for the C stack for example.)

Also it is one of the few project (if not the only one?) using 6502-gcc, and not cc65. The code heavily rely on modern high-level optimizations that gcc brings.

Finally, I see you give links. Maybe the github link would be more appropriate than the game's page in this post. Here it is: https://github.com/sgadrat/super-tilt-bro

(Oh, and the server is C++ and python, but I guess it does not count 🙂 )

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