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  1. Now that the Kickstarter for Jim Power is live, I’m really disappointed that there’s no ROM only backer level. Piko peeps, if you’re out there, is there any chance for this option to be added?
  2. Agreed 12 billion percent. Thank you.
  3. WaverBoy


    Any updates on progress?
  4. WaverBoy

    Space Raft NES

    This looks pretty cool!
  5. WaverBoy

    Dimension Shift

    This game looks fantastic! Can’t wait to play the finished version of this! Best of luck!
  6. WaverBoy

    Dead Tomb

    Looks great! Can’t wait!
  7. Looks great! I’ll definitely be backing your Kickstarter!
  8. And that’s as it should be, the dev team’s choice. Agreed 100%.
  9. Bingo, although a dig like that was to be expected. There should be absolutely no forced distinction.
  10. WaverBoy


    Voluntary credit given where credit is due is awesome, thank you for listing!
  11. If he’s not an elitist then he’ll be able to let homebrews be homebrews and not insist on being a gatekeeper. Attempting to be a gatekeeper is dickish IMO.
  12. Bottom line, if the NESMaker tag is forced, it’s a scarlet letter, an asterisk. A homebrew is a homebrew, good, bad or mediocre.
  13. Your intentions are in no way malevolent. The one guy here with his elitist gatekeeping panties in a bunch (who also uses tools created by others to make his “legit” “from scratch” homebrews but for some strange reason doesn’t want to talk about that) knows who he is.
  14. That’s right, it’s one guy, and it’s time for that one guy to just let his elitist attitude go, especially as he can’t effectively rebut the argument against.
  15. And you still can’t effectively rebut. If you’re not willing to clarify with an asterisk the tools of others that you’ve used, you really need to let this go. You are the one that has made an issue of the NESMaker tag as an elitist qualitative marker; please don’t try to disingenuously pretend otherwise.
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