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  1. Hadn’t heard about this, looks fantastic, just backed it! Thank you!
  2. Will there be an NES rom available for purchase and download?
  3. Holy shit, what an epic release! Soundtrack on cassette and vinyl? A comic book? A wooden cart option? A wooden themed NES console? A fantasy novel??? CRAZY!!! I wish I could afford all of it! There’s one thing missing though, a digital download option so I can play it on me handheld as well — I hope that is in the works.
  4. Is this ever going to be finished? It’s been eight years…
  5. Can’t wait to play the version with the boss added back in!
  6. Yeah, I hope this project is still in the works!
  7. I googled this but couldn’t find anything — is there a write up on this anywhere? I’m a backer of his Anguna NES game and would love to know more about this one!
  8. Great news indeed — if only it could get finished though!
  9. Luckily they’re compatible on the AVS. The only newish homebrew that won’t work on the current AVS firmware is Jay & Silent Bob’s Mall Brawl; you have to roll the firmware back for that one to work properly. Still hoping for another firmware update because rolling the firmware back loses some good settings.
  10. Yes, we desperately need an AVS firmware update, to fix that and Mall Brawl.
  11. Love the AVS design (perfectly reminiscent of the NES itself, unlike the Analogue Nt Mini) and functionality, except that the firmware needs one more update so that Mall Brawl will work properly, then I’ll be perfectly satisfied with it. Would never have used the scoreboard anyway.
  12. I’m so sorry for being such an entitled asshole idiot about this. Mea culpa. Apologies to everyone here. I got my replacement cart and of course it still glitches. I thanked the poor LRG CS reps profusely for trying to help me and I also apologized. Thanks so so much for the info about the firmware rollback workaround. Although, I really hope a firmware update comes out that fixes this, whether from Bunnyboy himself or a custom job from some other genius that is far smarter than I. The improvements in the latest firmware version are most desirable.
  13. Fair points, although she did say she’d ask them to test it on an AVS before they ship it out so I’m hoping that’s a go. The main thing is that they’re trying to help me and I really really appreciate that. If the replacement ends up not working then I’ll thank them profusely for trying, and send it back to them for a refund which they also generously offered. Fingers crossed.
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