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Space Raft NES


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Only SIX days left for the kickstarter campaign! 

Here is some more press released in the past week for the game here in Milwaukee: 

Shepherd express interview: 



Radio Milwaukee Tap'd In Audio segment and write up: 



I thought to post these here in case anyone here is interested in reading 🙂



ALSO, Here is the poster version of the T shirt included with each boxed copy of the game: 




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20 minutes ago, Ferris Bueller said:

You should add a picture of the item people will get, box and cart.

That is good feedback. I'll revisit this on the site in a week or so once the dust settles on my kickstarter shipments.

All the little hamsters in my head are all hands on deck until I can get over that first USPS drop off.....lol  

I've been building boxes, labeling carts, and packing orders in the evenings for the past couple of weeks. I think I may take an actual day off when all of this is done with...haha. 


Thanks duder

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