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  1. 6. Went into it with absolutely zero expectation, thought it was ok.
  2. Does it really count as a likeness in an 8 bit game? I mean, if it's some sprite that shares a first name with someone... just wondering how detailed it is or would have to be before it's literally like "look, that's me in the game!"
  3. Solid 9, not really my favorite genre but there's no denying talent.
  4. That's wild, though I have no ideas how it could have came to be.
  5. My Marble Madness cart signed by myself and @KHAN Games after we beat the game for the first time with 2 players... 11 years ago now.
  6. Stage - Quickman Robot Master - Elecman Song - Wilys Castle MM2 Weapon - Beat
  7. I like the Saints, but good for the Vikings, they earned it. Maybe Cousins will start getting a better rep.
  8. That's a great price, if I didn't have it I'd jump all over it.
  9. Imagine how bad it would've felt if you were an active member and tried your damnedest to do something when something actually had a slim chance of being done? Yeah, sucks but I'm beyond over it. NA was the people, the people are here and we have a staff and owner that gives a shit. The rest is just screaming to scream, it's been done to death already. I'm far more for looking forward and enjoying that there's still a community. I don't care who trolls over at NA/GC, but don't expect any cool kid points for doing it.
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