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  1. So much to unpack here. All Christians aren't anti lgbtq (but some are, heck, some make posters that say God hates fags and show up at funerals). All policemen aren't racists (but some are, hell, some of them kill black and/or white people for no good reason). All Muslims aren't terrorists while we're at it (but some of them are). All black people aren't criminals (but some of them are, in fact, sub in all people of any color and the statement stands). It's troubling when we can vilify or lionize and entire group, there are shades of gray everywhere and in every one. The total lack of any attempt of understanding and complete contentiousness toward any and all dissenting opinions, that's the part that sucks. For what it's worth, Bojangles is hands down my favorite chicken place. Oh, one more. All people that fly the Confederate flag in 2020 are racist (actually, I'm pretty sure that's the one that bucks the trend of shades of gray... I'll see myself out, feel free to return to your bickering).
  2. I'm jealous, we've had a shit ton of rain lately.
  3. I shot +4 at Sugar Hollow maybe 3 weeks ago. Would love to play it again.
  4. Nice, those are pretty decent discs, the only problem you may ever have is if they get beat up, dx plastic doesn't always hold up the best. Can't go wrong with a firebird or a wraith.
  5. Bumping this. Played casually for years, in fact I once totally got destroyed in a tournament with @wrk. Getting back into it. Mostly carry Innova discs, Boss, groove, wraith, pro firebird, xcal. Have a mako and leopard for mids, and I still use the old aviar I got when I started for a putter.
  6. It wasn't too bad to do all things considered. Glad they were compatible without any kind of shenanigans needed.
  7. My day to day hasn't really changed much. My wife's business is essential and she's still going to work everyday. I work in construction and I go to work every day as well. I don't understand how dentists aren't essential and liquor stores are, but no one asked me (nor should they).
  8. It's my least favorite of the trilogy, but still a great game, pretty sure last time my party was something like: Bowie Kazin (as a sorc, his wizard spells don't cut it). Slade Gerhalt Karna (mmnk) Sarah (mmnk) Frayja (with a mystery staff, aura is amazing) Tyrin Higgins (yeah he sucks, but I just like him) Jaha (brn) Rick (pgnt) and Peter, stupid overpowered Peter.
  9. Shining Force III scenario 2. Followed by scenario 3. I followed a translation and a walkthrough so I didn't miss anything. What a masterpiece of a game.
  10. My God... I might have to get that. Be am interesting tie-in with the two collections.
  11. 5/10 for me. Couple songs I like alright, could leave the rest.
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