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Anyone willing to pull a mortgage for a complete nes collection ( ntsc )

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I like how they claim there is “10 known copies” of NTSC Stadium Events. Still an interesting listing, price seems a little wild but I also don’t know what a set of that magnitude would be valued at. Everything looks pretty clean and they have a lot of good unlicensed stuff. Are they missing any? I saw the 762 number but I feel that’s a little short for licensed and unlicensed even without counting SE. 

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Part of me wants to say if this was before I bought my house and I had that kind of money sitting in the bank then maybe I would do it ... but I'm not sure how I'd feel actually if I just bought the whole set complete. Would be pretty rad to have everything on display and play it, but then what's left? Maybe variants I guess or trying to complete the set... tho after spending 60k on the set I probably wouldn't be spending any more 

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Back in the day when the car scene was all that mattered, I hung around a guy that took out 3 mortgages on his previously paid off house to build his truck, which was world famous at the time, but even back then, I was like 19, and I thought that was stupid.  Same logic goes here.  I would never risk my family and home for any amount of games.

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2 minutes ago, phart010 said:

Isn’t that Bugs Bunny?

I'm pretty sure it's Sky Kid

And don't try and figure this guy out, he mentioned many other confusing things:

  • A PAL Stadium Events cartridge sells for $1500 USD on eBay (it doesn't)
  • There are only 10 NTSC Stadium Events cartridges in existence (there isn't)
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44 minutes ago, phart010 said:

The Stadium events is coded NES-SD-EEC.. is that the USA version?

The EEC region code is Europe (European Economic Community, I believe). I want to say they used that before switching over to EUR but I could be entirely wrong on that. 

Edit: thinking about this again EUR didn't come until the GB I believe. So, EEC probably just got replaced the country codes. 

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4 minutes ago, DoctorEncore said:

By this guy's reasoning, my CIB set should be worth about $300,000.

By this guy’s reasoning, most of the regulars on here are instant millionaires! 🤣

Seriously though, chucking random bids on HA might be a better way to spend the money. 

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