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Happy New Year!


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It's 9:17am January 1st 2021 in New Zealand typing this, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope despite everything going on in US right now you're all able to enjoy the night (I presume it's still NYE in US right now, time zones are complicated). Having done this every year since 2017 on NintendoAge I need to keep the 'tradition' going and be the first one to message. It may have been a turbulent year and the same threats still loom this year; things may be okay here again but that doesn't mean it'll stay like that. Despite that, I'm glad there's a place like this to even momentarily escape the real world. I may not post much but I enjoy logging on from time to time and seeing what's happening in the community. 

I don't typically create large resolutions since I find they get pushed aside within a few weeks or months, but I do like hearing what other people have set for themselves. What have you all set? The two I thought of are to work towards a promotion at work (not necessarily realistic, but doesn't hurt to try), and (of course) spend a bit of time to enjoy my collection. I didn't really collect much in 2020 if at all, but I did start going through my collection. With 1200 games this will be a couple years worth of resolutions I reckon. 😆 

Hope you all have a good year and find the time to play some games! Even if you're approaching the year with cautious optimism, fingers crossed it doesn't get any worse. I hope you're all doing well. 

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