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Game night poll


Game Night for 10/31  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. What game do you wish to play?

    • Smash Ultimate
    • Mario Kart 8 deluxe.....I need to buy but will if it is chosen
    • Among Us......Jeeves, we are alright that you spent 300 bux, but don't care, we choose among us!!!!!!!!
    • Dominating 12.......aka risk for free on the internets

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Events Team · Posted

I went with MK8 Deluxe. It'd be nice to have some variety instead of just playing Among Us every time, and that'll allow me to still participate, since we're taking a roadtrip down to Texas to see my grandparents on Halloween and I'd really prefer not to have to play Among Us on mobile, haha

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Events Helper · Posted
5 hours ago, JamesRobot said:

I'm pretty interested in Mario Kart but not sure if I'll make Halloween.  Depends on the time I guess.  Kids and all.


5 hours ago, Gloves said:

My wife and I are pretty into scary movie night for Halloween so I might miss this one. 

well, given the history thus far, we stay on for at least 5 to 6 hours......we can always mix among us in too, but the chosen one will be first played until we decide it needs to change.  Open format honestly.  But I figured we can mix it up this time.

Excited to see what gets picked!!!!

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Events Helper · Posted

@0xDEAFC0DE @fox @imabadguy1 @SNESNESCUBE64 @spacepup @Vectrex28 @Costmosis @KokiriChild @Rhapsody98 @andrew244 @ecmyers


Please only vote if you feel confident you will be able to participate as well!

You all need to get in here if you wish to vote!!!!  We need more votes because I have a feeling it might tie if not.  We need to get this in before Tuesday when i get home from work at 6AM.  

Please note as well that we can always mix and match if we see fit!!!!

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