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  1. Yes, me and hollywoodcaddy were talking about the playtronic one for a hot second since I have a poor condition box and he said he found one but I had already seen that listing before.
  2. OHHHHHH, I remember that one and its price isn't actually 500 dollars. Since it's Brazilian currency, you divide it by 5 and it's roughly that value. So that's almost 100 dollars. Thanks for getting back to me!
  3. No problem man. By the way, you aren't annoying at all and I'm glad we could give you some info on the capcom mm6 cart. Also, are those brazil mm6's complete? I kinda need a box upgrade and a manual to complete mine.
  4. You've got this in the bag, just keep doing what you're doing and that Capcom mm6 will be yours in no time.
  5. You're on a roll my friend, you'll get this capcom mm6 sooner or later. Plus, I was gracious at first that I had a capcom mm6 but its awful condition and stench were not worth it so I got rid of mine. Get a minty one my man, it's just the way to go. If you don't mind me asking how long have you been on the hunt for this? My hunt lasted me about 4 years, now I'm slowly getting back in the groove on finding a mint one.
  6. HO OH you're a 5 screw collector. That's pretty badass, my tip for you is to just type in "mega man 6 purple border" and "mega man 6" on ebay, have it set to newly listed and save the searches. That is how I got my gross dinged up capcom mm6. Also look on Facebook retro groups and ask around there, you can find a lot of good stuff there. If you do find any spare capcom mm6 carts that are in good shape let me know, I really need one in good shape.
  7. Frank isn't gonna let his go but idk, you can hunt him down.
  8. Dude it's the eternal struggle, we waitin' but nothin's happenin'!
  9. Only problem is waiting for someone to willingly sell a cart. The ultimate waiting game
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