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  1. I really don't wanna pay 2000 for one, I'm talking to a guy about getting one in good shape for 1300. Thanks for the heads up though, I appreciate it.
  2. Looking to throw this in a trade for good condition Dino Peak. No price at the moment
  3. Looking for a good condition Dino Peak, I have my Dino Peak for offer along with some cash and/or games. Pics below of the my poor fella:
  4. Here's Mega Man 5's date code, could you guys help me decipher the code?
  5. Thank you for correcting me, I saw the post after it and it was incredibly interesting.
  6. What you should truly be afraid of is clinger winger on battletoads gb and volkmire's inferno on nes. Those are infinitely worse, turbo tunnel is a piece of cake when you get it down.
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