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Actors you get confused with each other


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Just now, TDIRunner said:

I used to mix up Colin Farrell and Hugh Jackman a lot.  I have no idea why, but I don't have the issue anymore.  

Oh yeah, I also get Colin Farrell mixed up with Will Ferrell. At first I was thinking of Will and wondered how you could get him mixed up with Hugh Jackman.

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I will have to explain this one, but Ellen Page and Linda Cardenelli.

Yeah, they are years apart in age, but I had watched Juno with my wife, and shortly after she started watched Freaks and Geeks, which I didn't really know anything about. I had a bit of an "oooh" moment when I realized the show was a bit older than I thought and that the two were definitely not the same person.  Haha. Oops.

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I suppose the rules may be getting bent slightly but:

I frequently confuse Nancy Kerrigan w/Lana Wachowski1757036929_nancykerrigan.png.2dd8e095fbdcb05f43ae113f974f9107.png1490467980_lanawachowski.png.80dab68a6d1fe9664bd2577c972ff508.pngI

I also can't tell the difference between Hunter Thompson and the Dali Lama


I'm convinced that these two have a parent and child relation2074167864_daisygiuliani.png.f67cc6bb7e657ef6573a0ee8c85debee.png

Once the hips start swiveling I can't tell Bruno from Elviselvi.png.31007604d68ece955942af58f4bc74c1.png

I have no idea who's who between Saffron and Melania


And finally, I'm 100% certain that one of these is the same as the other after a full body shave1875134028_avgngrumpycat.thumb.png.eb58c014069b7103f7ab4c43999d5723.png



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