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Actors you get confused with each other


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Just now, TDIRunner said:

I used to mix up Colin Farrell and Hugh Jackman a lot.  I have no idea why, but I don't have the issue anymore.  

Oh yeah, I also get Colin Farrell mixed up with Will Ferrell. At first I was thinking of Will and wondered how you could get him mixed up with Hugh Jackman.

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I will have to explain this one, but Ellen Page and Linda Cardenelli.

Yeah, they are years apart in age, but I had watched Juno with my wife, and shortly after she started watched Freaks and Geeks, which I didn't really know anything about. I had a bit of an "oooh" moment when I realized the show was a bit older than I thought and that the two were definitely not the same person.  Haha. Oops.

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I suppose the rules may be getting bent slightly but:

I frequently confuse Nancy Kerrigan w/Lana Wachowski1757036929_nancykerrigan.png.2dd8e095fbdcb05f43ae113f974f9107.png1490467980_lanawachowski.png.80dab68a6d1fe9664bd2577c972ff508.pngI

I also can't tell the difference between Hunter Thompson and the Dali Lama


I'm convinced that these two have a parent and child relation2074167864_daisygiuliani.png.f67cc6bb7e657ef6573a0ee8c85debee.png

Once the hips start swiveling I can't tell Bruno from Elviselvi.png.31007604d68ece955942af58f4bc74c1.png

I have no idea who's who between Saffron and Melania


And finally, I'm 100% certain that one of these is the same as the other after a full body shave1875134028_avgngrumpycat.thumb.png.eb58c014069b7103f7ab4c43999d5723.png



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These aren't actors but...

1991 Studio Cal Ripken, Jr looks like Garth Brooks

Country singer Randey Foster and Dodger great Orel Hershiser (especially on his 1994 Stadium Club card)

David Stern and Kenneth Star

Former Lakers coach Del Harris and Phil Donahue

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