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  1. 6- I love the music, the atmosphere, and the visuals. Even the mechanics of flood are pretty cool. But for some reason i can never get myself to finish the game, i always lose interest about halfway through without any major reason why.
  2. Ebay routinely defaults your listings to have best offers. It's a known annoyance of using ebay sadly. You probably just didn't even notice the box was defaulted and checked when you listed the items. It happens to me all the time, and i've seen it happen to many others.
  3. sure, but why make it easier right? And very likely increase the numbers of incidents involving alcohol and minors, both severe and not. Criminals still get guns illegally, but we still have background checks and safety measures to at least try and make it harder for them. Having extra hurdles to jump through just makes it a little harder, and pain in the ass, but of course not impossible As for the OP, drugs have completely ruined my family thanks to a sibling being addicted to this day. I wouldn't wish a relative becoming an addict on my worst enemy.
  4. I am just wondering how comfortable it is going to be to use. I have been wanting a good handheld solution for GB/GBC/GBA. Have been thinking of a GBA SP or original and modding it with an IPS screen. Not sure if i should go this route or the FPGA pocket? I already have a GB player with component cables and GBI. Doesn't get much better on a PVM for GB on a TV. Of course an HDMI solution would be great, i just don't play enough as it is on a TV so the dock might be a pass for me. Have some thinking to do lol
  5. Looks like preorders are august 3rd at 8am PST.
  6. Thanks, these were both fixed. The search function and the ALL under platforms. Thanks again for sending this our way.
  7. @Gloves Thanks, i will send these along. I agree the ALL button should have a function, this must have been overlooked. As for the search function, there is definitely an error there for Kuon. We'll check out Kuon and see if there is an issue that could also affect other titles. If you see any others and don't mind posting them here, please do. If we have a few titles doing this if they exist, it will help narrow down why. Thanks again,
  8. 8. This movie is completely off the wall and ridiculous but also really fun. I have a lot of nostalgia watching it as a kid. We call my brother in law David Lo Pan all the time.
  9. 1/10 Everything about these guys is absolute cringe for me, from the music to the entirety of juggalo culture. Like i get second hand embarassment when i see anything involving them.
  10. Yup i meant to write Celebi not Mew. And yes that was one of the rumors! These were both fun and disappointing.
  11. I already mentioned the most famous mew glitch in the other thread. But gold and silver had a similar rumor. Kids were convinced that the wooden shrine in Ilex forest held Celebi and there was a way to get him with a certain item,move, or button input Didyouknowgaming has an entire running series on these. It's a good watch.
  12. Yup this was my experience. The both times i had it the chicken tenders were literally soaked, and i was violently ill after. Never again. I don't understand the hype around this place.
  13. Yup Gold and Silver were the golden age lol HG SS are the best in the franchise IMO. It was just enough new pokemon, some great new features like the breeding specifically, 2 new types to mix it up, and not one but two regions to explore. I get it's not for everyone, especially if you were an adult at the time, but i think there is definitely a reason it has survived this long and has such a following with kids and adults still playing it to this day. I would give fortnite a 5 or something, it's alright. It's the culture i hate surrounding fortnite vs the actual game itself.
  14. Same. Gotta catch em all, is literally the slogan for the franchise As for the battle system, i think it was solid for a GB game at the time and for an RPG geared towards kids. Not many GB RPG's had crazy deep battle systems anyway, and unless you grinded for hours on end you couldn't just beat any trainer with any pokemons best move. My first RPG's were Chrono Trigger and FF6, so i had my fair share of RPG's before i got to Pokemon. I guess i just enjoyed it for what it was There was nothing like it at the time, but many copycats after.
  15. 10. I foresee lots of 10's tbh judging by the average user age here. This game started it all and created a culture that is still going to this very day. The pokemon craze that took over was just insane if you were a kid during that time. Cards, games, movies, cartoons, toys, etc. You couldn't get away from it. The game itself was very fun and addicting as an 8 year old when it came out, and i still enjoy it now. Although i do choose to play FR and LG for the visual face lift. I can still remember the feeling of getting all 150 and the excitement of going to new areas and seeing what new monsters you could catch. Or the excitement of hearing all different rumors like the Mew hidden under the truck and then trying it out yourself only to realize it didn't exist, or actually finding out glitches like missingno weren't rumors at all and actually existed. I have poured literally hundreds, probably over a thousand hours into the first gen games over the last 20+ years.
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