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  1. Okay thank you. I know i have seen a couple change hands via FB groups this year. I figured at least another one or 2 would have sold on ebay since february. Must be getting tougher to find and more people are holding onto it, i am so glad i don't collect variants
  2. Hmm let me send this one to the dev, thank you. Turbo is unique in that many listings are CIC(Cart, instructions, case). But there are also listings and games with an outer box. I wonder if this is potentially messing with things.
  3. Thanks, i will try and merge the 2 so we don't lose any data.
  4. Thanks, with your last post and this one we were able to find out why unsold listings are now populating. We are running a script to hopefully net all of these, or at least most of them, and prevent them from coming in further. As for the reported games, those are ones that come straight to me. I usually go through every week and clear out the reports. But if you guys feel there is a really detrimental game in there, please feel free to PM me or post them here as well and i can remove them faster.
  5. This one hasn't pulled in any games since February. I am going to assume at least a couple have sold since then, so this could be one of those games that fell off when we changed everything over. I will try and fix this one and add the sale.
  6. Thanks guys, i appreciate all of these bug reports. I am gonna go through now and see if i can look into them. I still need to add a few other games you guys mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the holidays kind of took over for a bit there.
  7. @SilverspoonGaming Forgot to update, i am almost done adding all of your list. I think i have 1 or 2 left. @Lincoln Thanks for the heads up. I will clean these up and find out why this is happening.
  8. Yeah this is an issue that is annoying me, because Ebay is incorrectly showing some listings as sold, despite being relisted. I will take care of this one now, thank you for letting me know. If you guys see issues like this, you can also hit the flag button and they instantly come to me for review. I always appreciate the detailed posts here though, it helps me decipher why it was flagged faster.
  9. I love both systems. BUT The NES has aged so much better than the N64. To explain what i mean by aged, i just mean to this day NES games are still incredibly fun, easy to pick up and play, and look just fine because of their 2D nature. The N64 has so many things about it that just aged badly, especially after being spoiled with modern gaming. To be fair this isn't the N64's fault, for the time it was pretty amazing IMO and was pretty ambitious. But the beginning of 3D games was just an awkward era, especially for the N64. -Terrible camera systems -Horrible fog in most games -Mov
  10. Yeah that's no good. Let me send this along. In the meantime i can remove these listings myself and just did. Just want to be sure this doesn't keep happening. Thanks for bringing this up.
  11. Ahh i see, sorry i missed that looking quickly. I can add them no issues, just give me a day or 2. Thanks!
  12. Just to clarify, were you able to add them into the collection tracker at all? I just tried and was able to add them all except for high heat baseball which seems to be missing. Just want to understand what you mean by not available?
  13. Unfortunately we are still dealing with the fallout of Ebay completely wrecking and changing their API. We are working out getting the current systems we have 100% first. But adding the missing systems is on the to do list, and was set for january before this ebay crap happened. We just went through and added hundreds of switch games the past couple of months. As for everybody else, have you been able to sign in to everything okay? Any issues stand out? I haven't had a chance to really be present the past month for troubleshooting for personal reasons. If you guys can tag me in posts that
  14. @LeatherRebel5150 @RH Noted, i will pass that along. As for the API issues you guys are seeing, yes Ebay made a massive change, and we are trying our best to adapt. This is the second time in 1 year they have done this, only this time they have made it very hard to work with and in some cases aren't even giving access. There IS a workaround in progress, there are no plans to dump GVN or to stop collecting the data we always have been. Maybe that will change, and god i hope not, but for right now we are pivoting to keep things up and running with another method. Hopefully the plan works,
  15. I assume you mean sealed? Because this is a very cheap and common games CIB. I am in the market for this game as well, and the issue is condition. Most of the games on ebay are not grade worthy, thus they are sitting there at the $40-$60 price range. For an excellent near mint/mint copy that could grade high is likely to be $100+, maybe less if the person doesn't know what they have. This game has hovered around the $40-50 range for a year now, in that time i have yet to find a mint copy i deemed worthy of forking the money over for. Every one on ebay tends to have some form of scratching
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