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it only took something like 6 years, but they're done. all Oak and all a pain in my ass. They're 11 feet tall, 14 feet from wall to wall, and TV stand rolls out to access the wiring. The rolling ladder clears the TV stand as well. since these photos were taken, that subwoofer is gone and has been replaced with an under the sofa subwoofer. the TV is a 55" and will be replaced with a 55" OLED as soon as my butthole recovers from the copious amount of money i just pulled out of it to build all of this. But now its done and i feel like Belle in the library!



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12 hours ago, B.A. said:

Wow, that looks great!  I hope you are planning to stay in that house for the long haul! 

This is my forever home. and the shelves were built to stay there so even after i die im sure whoever lives here will keep them.

12 hours ago, Calan87 said:

holy crap man that is NICE! I just have one question. How did you secure it to the wall?

All of them are such a tight fit that i could literally climb them without them moving, but just to be safe the top of every section has metal L brackets screwed into them, sandwiched between each section and the long continuous top shelf that the ladder rail is mounted to. the L brackets are anchored to studs in the wall. 

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