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Why hello there!

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hey all! 

Finally made time and created a profile here 😄 I've never really been good with forums but I'll see if I can change that here.


Little about myself I've been collecting since 2006 and got really into it around 2010. My main squeeze is NES closely followed by turbografx/pc engine and vectrex. 


I also own a store near San Francisco called Nostalgia Alley (located in Petaluma). Been a blast being able to talk to so many gamers in person on the daily. 


Anywho looking forward to chatting with everyone!

Recently picked up a NWC regional semi finalist shirt!





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1 hour ago, DoctorEncore said:

Welcome! I'd love to hear more about your store!

hey! Hmmm what to say...my wife and I opened it in November of 2018 and we've had a blast since then (well up until this Covid mess). 


The day we opened Marc Eriksen (megaman 2 cover artist amongst others) did an in store signing which was really fun. Steve Purcell (Pixar artist/Sam and Max creator) said he would also be willing to do a store signing - so that is something I'm also looking forward too. 

If you're interested you can follow us on fb or Instagram @nostalgiaalley

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3 minutes ago, Scrobins said:

Welcome! My gf’s mom is in Petaluma so I might ask her to venture in to pick up some goodies for me 🙂

oh very cool! Yea have her come down or if your ever in town it would be good to meet ya.


Currently we are closed...for some reason we aren't considered essential lol

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